SuperZoo 2018: HandsOn’s SoftGloves Wave Good-Bye To Shedding

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Looking for a pair of grooming gloves that takes care of shed like a dream? Look no further, as we’ve found them in HandsOn Gloves here at SuperZoo.

One of the neatest things about product expos is just walking around and checking stuff out. It’s awesome to be able to really see and touch the products we learn about and learn to love, and we admit–we’re suckers for soft things.

Which is why HandsOn Soft Gloves caught our eye! They are a super bright purple and they just look totally touchable. That’s because they have these super soft nodules on the fingers and palms that are just calling for you to put to your pet’s (or your!) skin. The thing is though, soft as they are, they are made out of a tough nitrile and nylon fabric of durable PVC like HandsOn’s original gloves but these babies are lighter weight with the soft and comfy nubs.

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They’re the perfect gloves for grooming, getting rid of excess fur on the coat of cats, dogs and horses and even using as bathing mitts.

Too many think the only way to effectively groom is to use curry combs or metal brushes, and frankly, those can be painful and stress your pet (and you!) out. The SoftGloves line will join other award-winning HandsOn Gloves as the newest and most comfortable grooming gloves on the market. They will be perfect for pets who have sensitive skin, as the materials they are made of are completely hypoallergenic. They’ll join the original black line of HandsOn Gloves that launched in 2015 and the Green gloves which launched in 2017 and will come in Junior, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Sizes.

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Mostly, they’ll help your pet enjoy getting a good de-shedding or rub down, and if you’re like me, with tumbleweeds all over from hair, you’ll love how these babies help make that less an issue and more a situation your dog begs you for. Yes, your dog may love them so much she’ll bring them to you for a rub-down. Go get them, and get ready!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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