Pet Hack Of The Week: Grooming Pet Nails With Ease

As pet parents, we can all agree that it can be a real struggle grooming pet nails at home using traditional clippers or scissors. Repurposing a Dremel rotary tool may just be the trick to grooming pet nails you’ve been looking for.

The pressure that traditional grooming tools apply to your pet’s nail can be uncomfortable. It’s no wonder your dog or cat will fight with you as you’re trying to trim — seriously, the whole ordeal is like nails on a blackboard. The alternatives to trimming your pet nails at home can be both costly and painful. Whether it’s constant appointments with the vet or groomers to have their nails clipped, or ignoring the problem and getting covered in scratches, or the irritation caused by endless clicking on the floor — one thing’s for certain, you need to maintain your pet’s nails.

A traditional Dremel rotary tool has a plethora of uses around the home and office. With a variety of available attachments, Dremels can be used for engraving, cutting, etching, routing, grinding, polishing, and sanding. So why not take its smooth and quick sanding abilities and apply them to grooming pet nails for a mani and pedi that’s pressure free and comfortable for your pet?

Dremel has even caught on to the use of its traditional tool for pet nail grooming, and now offers its own pet specific model. If you already have a Dremel rotary tool at home, we suggest giving that a try with a sanding band and following the simple instructions provided in the video below for fast and easy at home nail grooming.

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Christina Raymond
Christina Raymond

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