The Ark: JKF’s Massive, Animals-Only Terminal To Open In 2016

Pets and animals will get first-class treatment at The Ark airport terminal, complete with private kennels, an aviary and a veterinarian

Ready for takeoff? It is the first of its kind in the world – a fabulous airport terminal for both domestic and wild animals. Located at New York City’s JFK Airport, the $48 million project has been dubbed “The Ark.”

Finally, a place where horses, snakes, dogs, pigs, cats and birds can mingle and chill before a long flight.

A 178,000 square foot cargo building that has been empty for 10 years is now being carefully designed to “elevate the experience for animals and their owners by creating a comfortable, healthy environment,” says Cliff Bollmann, architect for Gensler, one of the firms involved in design of the facility.

What’s in The Ark: It will include a departure and arrival lounge equipped with food and water, a Paradise 4 Paws overnight pet resort, an aviary, a three-day equine quarantine area, lawn space for exercising and veterinary care 24/7. Even livestock get fabulous treatment: renowned animal activist Temple Grandin is supervising the handling system for cattle, pigs, goats and the like from their trucks to the plane. Not too shabby at all!

Another great perk that humans will like: The Ark will create 110 construction jobs and will bring in an estimated $108 million in revenue over a 30-year period.

Keeping the stress levels as low as possible is a priority at The Ark, so as the humans have to endure an anxiety-filled “take your shoes off and step on the scanner please” routine, animals will be transported in climate-controlled vehicles to and from the terminals. Lachlan Oldaker, Senior Equine Architect from GH2 Gralla Equine Architects, says that: “The design allows planes to taxi directly to the building, so horses can be transported in a seamless fashion that reduces stress. This is a worry-free, one-stop-shop for passengers and animals.” There’s no word if animals will be able to store their nail clippers in their carry-ons.

While the flying part of the adventure will probably still include some stress for the animals, at least they will get a chance to relax before and after the ordeal. I’m a little jealous – I’ve never got this kind of treatment at the airport before.

If you were flying out of JFK Airport with your pet, would you use The Ark terminal, or would it depend on the extra cost added to your ticket? Let us know in the comment section below.

[Source: The Daily Mail]

Glorimar Anibarro
Glorimar Anibarro

Glorimar Anibarro is a proud Puerto Rican now living in Southern California. She decided to trade in a career in advertising for a bold, new adventure – becoming a bilingual pet writer, sharing her knowledge in both English and Spanish. She also writes, designs and illustrates the chronicles of "Gato Avocado": a two-dimensional cat living in a three-dimensional world.

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