The Coolest (Or Warmest) Pet House You’ve Ever Seen

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
We want to keep our pets as comfy as they can be, right? This new climate-controlled pet house has super cool technology that gives your pet the perfect place to lounge around!

Get ready to check out the coolest new pet house to come to the market! The Aridus Den is an innovative new pet house created by a Aridus, a new startup company based in New York. Using the logic that a ‘den’ protects animals from things like predators and harsh climate, founder Adrian Song came up with the idea after watching his cat and dog during the day with cameras while he was away at work.

He realized that they didn’t do much. There wasn’t any of the activity happening like it did when he was home with them, but he noticed a pattern…they just kept moving from spot to spot looking for either a cooler or warmer place to lie. He felt bad for them being home nine hours a day with no way to adjust the temperature to their liking.

And so, the Aridus Den was born! It features sensors that detect the air temperature as well as the temperature of the bed, and adjusts the temperature inside the den accordingly to be just right.

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The only thing you have to do with the Aridus Den is plug it in! Its smart technology learns and knows patterns of the animal and allows energy saving modes should the pet not be around or using the den. Even smarter, it uses the actual weight of the pet to drive the temperature setting as well.

The technology is pretty amazing! It basically heats and cools a thin panel of aluminum (covered, of course) and is much more efficient in doing so. It could take over 8000 times the energy to heat air as it does the same amount of aluminum, so the energy bill is minimal.

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Because his own furbabies were the inspiration, this den is non-toxic! It doesn’t use a refrigerant gas, as if there was a leak, the gas would be poisonous to both pets and humans, and does destructive things to the ozone layer.

It’s quiet, with no fan aggravating or scaring the pet, and there is no moving part to keep it completely safe. But most importantly, pets like to den. They like their own space. This gives them security and comfort at the same time!

Other features that make it awesome are things like the seating pad’s cover being removable and easily washable. Dogs shed and have bacteria and crumbs all the time–this pad eliminates the need to buy a new pad every few months because it just couldn’t get fully clean. And the ears! There are magnetic ears (cat and rabbit) that are so stinking cute, we can’t even!

You can learn more on the Aridus Den website.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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