This Adorable Pooch Makes Sure You’re Not Afraid of the Dentist

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Time and time again, we get tangible proof that dogs are the best thing that happened to the human race. Our four-legged companions are not only making our lives better with their unconditional love and silly antics, but they’re also helping our health, acting as our confidants and even making us look more attractive. Now, it seems that our furry angels are there for us in our greatest time of need: visit to the dentist’s office. Or, at least they are if you happen to visit Smile Cabarrus, a dental practice in Harrisburg, North Carolina.

Meet Atkins, a beautiful Lab girl whose job is to take your fear of the dentist away. She was raised and trained by paws4people to serve as a facility dog for a dental practice. Her duties include hopping up on laps of patients to reduce their anxiety and fear while her mom, hygienist Barbara Kucera, does her magic.

While no one is disputing that being around dogs is therapy in itself, what Atkins does is actually much complex than it seems at a first glance. This lovely gal has been trained to perform so called Deep Pressure Therapy by laying on top of the patient’s legs. This type of dog-assisted therapy has been proven to reduce heart rate and lower blood pressure, which successfully mitigates the symptoms of anxiety.

Arden had her very first dental visit yesterday and she did awesome! ATKINS showed her how easy it is to sit in the…

Posted by Smile Cabarrus on Thursday, October 4, 2018


She offers her fur-tastic services four days a week, and she works with both kids and adults. Unsurprisingly, all of the patients that have had the good fortune to get Atkins’ help during their dental screening or procedure have said that the experience was life-changing. Having a therapy dog by their side while facing a situation they deemed as stressful or frightening actually made things a lot easier to bear. And if that doesn’t get you to believe that dogs are really just angels in disguise, I don’t know what will!