This Brew’s For Bowser: Beer For Dogs Is A Cool, Refreshing Trend

Christine Zizo
by Christine Zizo
Beer for canines? The growing industry lets you share a drink with man’s best friend

How often have you sat on your couch, watching the football game, and wished you could have a beer with your best friend, your dog? Or even open your beer on your dog’s tag hoop?

A whole growing industry is making these wishes a reality.

Beer Paws, a Kansas City, Mo. company, is selling beer for dogs. The beer is not real beer of course. It’s a combination of beef broth, Kosher malt extract and glucosamine. They’re sold in eight ounce bottles.

But that’s not the only thing Beer Paws sells. They also offer beer biscuits, a bottle opener that you can attach to your dog’s collar, and even a collar studded with beer bottle caps. The biscuits are the most popular item, made from leftover grains from local breweries.

Founder Crystal Wiebe told Kansas City Business Journal that her first product was in fact the bottle opener.

“Both the beer industry and the pet industry seem be really recession proof, and continue to grow and stay strong even at a period where other industries weren’t,” Wiebe said. “With Beer Paws there’s a cool opportunity with two things that people are really passionate about. … Craft beer people just get it right away.”

This isn’t just about a fancy drink for your dog though. It’s part of the growing trend among dog owners to want to share their experiences with their pets – from pet-friendly trip to an afternoon beer you’re your dog.

Beer Paws isn’t the only company that is making beer for dogs. Several companies have come out with similar products.

Bowser Beer is the first, and probably the most well known in the states. 3 Busy Dogs was founded in 2007, and they make Bowser Beer from either beef or chicken, with malt barley and glucosamine. They also make Bowser Bits, peanut butter-filled pretzel bites for dogs. You can also customize your Bowser Beer label – for special doggy cookouts, maybe?

Snuffle Dog Beer is for those who prefer their Blue Moons and Stella Artois. Snuffle also bills itself as the first dog beer and it’s made in Belgium. Here’s the description on the Snuffle website:

“We, men, drink beer with our buddies, our palls to share moments, special moments, the Best Moments. To laugh, discuss and sometimes cry together. And preferred way of doing that is… right, around a beer.”

Snuffle also comes in beef or chicken varieties. It’s made with malt barley extracts, mineral oils and vitamin B. Snuffle isn’t sold in North America though, at least not yet.

Dawg Grog: A man working in an Oregon brewery came up with Dawg Grog because his dog kept trying to drink his beer (real beer is bad for dogs by the way). Dawg Grog uses spent grains from the brewery plus beef broth and vitamins and minerals to make a non-toxic drink. It’s now available online and in several states.

Of course, if you’d rather not give your dog something like that, you could always go with a toy. Tuffy makes beer-bottle looking squeaky toys.

Then there’s Dog Diggin’ Designs. They make parody dog products that are a bit more chic – like Barkardi rum, Grey Dog vodka and Dogs Equis chew toys.

Christine Zizo
Christine Zizo

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