‘Tis The Season For Giving – Daffy’s Pet Soup Kitchen Helps Pets

Rachel Leavy
by Rachel Leavy
Daffy’s Pet Soup Kitchen keeps pets and families together – with some help from you!

The holiday season is here, and it is important to remember those less fortunate. While we are out shopping for gifts for loved ones, we need to consider those in need. All it takes is a lost job or a health issue, and life can change drastically for anyone. Shelters are full of pets that were surrendered because their owners had to downsize to an apartment that does not allow pets. That’s where Daffy’s Pet Soup Kitchen comes into play.

What Do They Do?

Founded in 2008, Daffy’s Pet Food Kitchen, is an organization determined to keep pets and their families together during economic hardship. Their mission is to provide pet food to people who can now longer afford the cost. With Daffy’s, they would otherwise have to relinquish ownership of their pets – now these furry BFFs can stay in their homes, where they belong. Daffy’s Pet Soup Kitchen raises money through events and donations to help keep pets with their families. Currently operating out of Georgia, they supplied over 20,000 pounds of pet food each month to over 35 counties.

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How Can I Help?

Since Daffy’s is primarily run through donations, that’s the most straightforward way to help. You can donate online through their website, or if you find yourself near one of the many food drop-off locations in Georgia, by donating pet food. They also need volunteers for events, office duties, pick up/delivery, fundraising, marketing and other position.

Another way to help is to donate used pet items to Daffy’s New and Used Pet Store. One hundred percent of the money made from the supply shop goes back into the charity. The store is run by volunteers and that helps keep the expense low so more money can go back into the charity.

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Do You Need Their Help?

Daffy’s requires responsible pet ownership to be considered for their program. Pets must be spayed or neutered and up-to-date on all shots. Pets must be well-cared for and given fresh water daily. Participants must check in to let Daffy’s know their progress. They are also required to volunteer five hours a week, in order to give back to the community. You can fill out an application on Daffy’s Assistance page.

Visit their website and take a look around. This non-profit has many heartwarming and heartbreaking stories about the people who have given their lives for the sake of their animals, and supporters who make all this possible. Be sure to stop by Daisy’s Doghouse, Daffy’s Pet Assistance Service Team, and read the story behind Daffy the dog, who inspired the organization.

This program is an amazing asset to pets and their families, and I would love to see them expand into a national charity. They have grown by leaps and bounds since they started, and people believe in their message. I hope to never find myself in that boat where I would need assistance, but nobody knows what the future holds and it is comforting to know they exist.

Rachel Leavy
Rachel Leavy

Rachel Leavy lives in Rochester, New York with her dog, Maria, and her gecko, Nigel. She has loved animals all her life, and has owned her own dog training and walking company for five years. When she's not playing with puppies, she can usually be found writing short stories, riding horses or out at a play.

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