Tom Hardy Reading A Bedtime Story to His Dog Will Make You Melt [Video]

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Tom Hardy is a dog lover. While some of the characters he portrays are hardened, he is a big old softie in real life, and he makes his love for dogs well-known. He has two rescued pups in his family, is an avid PETA supporter and promoter of animal adoptions, and last year, brought his beloved Woody to the premier of Legend, where Woody (short for the ever so dapper ‘Woodstock’), of course, stole the show. (Duh!)

This year, while many were ringing in the new year with lots of loud fanfare, Tom and Woody shared the most delicious bedtime story with the viewers of BBC’s CBeeBies Bedtime Stories. Tom read a book he chose, ‘You Must Bring A Hat,’ by Simon Phillip, and as any good actor would, used different voices for each character, leaving the listener completely enthralled.

Meanwhile? Good old Woody snoozed blissfully on his daddy’s lap, and once again, stole the show, good as Tom’s bedtime reading was. Adorable Woody seemed as if he didn’t have a care in the world, and with his Daddy’s dreamy voice lulling him to sleep, we imagine he always has very sweet dreams.