Top 10 Best Cats for Mousing

Lisa Selvaggio
by Lisa Selvaggio
Got a mouse in the house? Forget the mouse trap – a cat is your best pest buster. Here are the top 10 best cats for mousing.

If you’ve ever seen a domestic cat hunt for food, you might wonder how something so cute could be so vicious. And did you know that some breeds even have a history of helping people with rodent control? It’s true!

Your little cat might be snuggly with you, but she’s a natural born predator, and one of her preferred prey is the mouse. So, for natural pest control, it’s tough to beat a frisky feline who loves to hunt.

Some feline breeds are known for their strong motivation to hunt. But it’s important to keep in mind that every cat is one-of-a-kind, so two kitties might have different interests when it comes to hunting, even if they’re the same breed. In other words, just because you get a cat that has a reputation for being a great mouse hunter doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll actually do it. Either way, though, your kitty is sure to quickly become your new buddy.

What are some of the best cat breeds for mousing? Here’s a list of 10, in no particular order.

  1. Siberian

The Siberian has a striking appearance, with its thick, beautiful coat. This is a big cat that could weigh as much as 20 pounds, so when one walks into a room, you’re sure to notice. If you think this breed’s large size and heavy weight might make it hard for these kitties to hunt, though, think again. These strong cats can run and jump with ease, they are inquisitive, adventurous, and active, and they are smart. So, they have many attributes that can help them become great hunters. And, more importantly, they’re affectionate and friendly pets, too, so whether your Siberian hunts down mice or not, you’ll love having her as part of your family. (Photo credit: Just-Mila/Shutterstock)

  1. American Shorthair

The adorable and super popular American Shorthair can be described as hardworking, and these cats were actually used for catching rodents on ships that went to North America from Europe. These are kitties that may not come across as expert hunters at first because they are just so cute and sweet towards people. But if a bird or mouse catches their eye, you might be shocked by how quickly they spring into action to try to catch it. Beyond that, these adaptable, athletic, and friendly kitties aren’t just skilled hunters, they also make wonderful family pets. And because American Shorthairs feature a variety of beautiful coat colors and patterns, and various eye colors, you can find the ideal companion who will love you and help you keep mice at bay. (Photo credit: ChutipongK/Shutterstock)

  1. Chartreux

Another cat breed that is known for its hunting skills is the lovely Chartreux. This is a popular breed for many reasons. First off, these muscular kitties love to hunt, so they typically don’t hesitate to chase down mice. If you are in search of a kitty who will help you keep mice and rats away, this breed might be just what you need. But, there’s more to these kitties than their ability to be tough predators. The Chartreux is also a good choice when you’re hoping to add an affectionate and friendly kitty to the family. When they aren’t hunting, these energetic and intelligent felines will gladly spend time with you. (Photo credit: Alenka Krek/Shutterstock)

  1. Manx

The unique Manx might be missing a tail, but that doesn’t stop these kitties from effectively hunting down prey. This breed’s history includes the use of these cats for rodent control, so if you’re looking for a skilled mouser, these kitties have the skills to get the job done. But, like all of the breeds on this list, the Manx is more than just a talented hunter. These kitties are known for their intelligence and affectionate personality. You might even be able to teach this cat some neat tricks, and playtime is sure to be loads of fun, especially if your Manx learns to play fetch. (Photo credit: NSC Photography/Shutterstock)

  1. Maine Coon

The large Maine Coon is a stunning, affectionate cat that is intelligent and enjoys playing. But don’t let this kitty’s demeanor towards people fool you, as he won’t hesitate to hunt down prey when given the chance. (Photo credit: DenisNata/Shutterstock)

  1. Burmese

Burmese cats have muscular bodies, and they can be quite heavy. These smart and playful kitties can be active, entertaining you with their playfulness and energy. And they are also known as animals that love to eat, so it should come as no surprise that they won’t mind hunting down their next meal, in addition to getting food from their human family. (Photo credit: jojosmb/Shutterstock)

  1. Persian

Persian kitties might seem like all they want to do is lounge around and look pretty, but it turns out that this breed is also known for its mousing abilities. If it’s a combination of looks, intelligence, and hunting skills that you’re searching for in a cat, this is it. (Photo credit: Eak021/Shutterstock)

  1. Turkish Angora

Yet another attractive breed is the Turkish Angora, which—you guessed it—comes from Turkey. Smart and agile, these kitties enjoy the thrill of the hunt. Plus, they also seek out attention from humans, making them great mousers and loving pets. (Photo credit: Helen Bloom/Shutterstock)

  1. Siamese

Beautiful, elegant, and talkative are a few words that describe the Siamese. In addition to making wonderful companions who prefer being around people, these cats are also known for their expert level hunting skills. And, when they aren’t hunting down rodents or toys, these loving kitties will gladly spend time with you, especially if you are the person that they have bonded with most in the family. (Photo credit: chromatos/Shutterstock)

  1. Japanese Bobtail

If you’re searching for a unique looking cat (this breed features a short “bunny tail”) that will gladly hunt down mice and rats, the Japanese Bobtail is a good place to start. These friendly, adorable, and playful kitties might even enjoy a good game of fetch with you. And they like being around people, so they’ll happily keep you company and make you smile. (Photo credit: Jaroslaw Kurek/Shutterstock)

Just Remember, Every Cat Is Unique

As mentioned above, even though this list of the best cat breeds for mousing can point you in the right direction, keep in mind that every kitty is an individual, so it really boils down to a cat’s personality and whether he’s inclined to hunt down prey or take it easy on the couch. Also, don’t forget that there are many kitties of all ages in shelters, looking for their forever homes, and one of them could be the perfect mouser that you’re searching for.

Lisa Selvaggio
Lisa Selvaggio

Lisa Selvaggio is a freelance writer and editor, and our resident cats-pert, with certifications in pet nutrition and pet first aid. She enjoys producing content that helps people understand animals better so they can give their pets a safe and happy home.

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