Top 10 Delightful Dog Smiles

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1. Hehehehehehehe

Delightful Dog Smiles: Who Farted?

Guess who just farted?
(Photo credit: BCFC/BigStock)

2. Toothy Grin

Delightful Dog Smiles: Toothy Grin

Look ma, I smile just like you!
(Photo credit: Imgur)

3. Happy and I Know it!

Delightful Dog Smiles: Happy and I know it!

If you’re adorable and you know it, clap your paws!
(Photo credit: ots-photo/Bigstock)

4. Oh So Content

Delightful Dog Smiles: Oh So Content
Yes, more head scratches please!
(Photo credit: Imgur)

5.Cheerful Corgi
Delightful Dog Smiles: Cheerful Corgi

Going on walks is my second most favorite thing to do- second only to napping.
(Photo credit: ama711/Flickr)

6. Puppy Power

Delightful Dog Smiles: Puppy PowerI can’t wait to grow into my pearly whites!
(Photo credit: Reddit)

7. Here’s Winkin’ at You
Delightful Dog Smiles: Here's Winkin' at you

A devilish smile and a wink? You’re one lucky human!
(Photo credit: Angelica/Flickr)

8. What Makes Your Weiner Happy?

Delightful Dog Smiles: What Makes Your Weiner Happy?

Why yes, I do love long walks in the park!
(Photo credit: Imgur)

9. Pleasant Pitbull

Delightful Dog Smiles: Pleasant Pitbull

If I’m ever feeling down, I just take some time to stop and smell the flowers.
(Photo credit: Earthpassage/Bigstock)

10. Hypno-Husky

Delightful Dog Smiles: Hypno-Husky
Look into my eyes – you can’t resist my toothy grin!
(Photo credit: Instagram)