Top 10 Dog Dental Health Products

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While many joke about ‘brushing a dog’s teeth’ or taking a dog to the dentist, doggy dental hygiene is no joke. Teeth play an important part in one’s overall health and that goes for our doggos, too. It’s vital to take care of them, and fortunately, there are some great products out there that will help make doggy dentistry just a bit easier. Check out our top 10 dog dental health products.

These are great chews for dental health

1. VetriScience Perio Plus Chews

These chews from Vetriscience are great ways to end the day for your dogs. They’re specifically formulated to use between cleanings, and they’re delicious bars that promote cleaning your dog’s teeth and controlling the plaque while helping freshen that dog-butt breath.

This 100% natural and pure Icelandic Seaweed (Geothermal, Ascophyllum Nodosum) is organic and couldn’t be easier to use to help remove plaque from your dog’s teeth. Simply pour the granules over their food and they think they’re getting a treat. They are–the treat of healthy teeth!

Speaking of treats…if you want your dog to go wild for a treat without even knowing it’s so good for them too, just toss them one of these ProDen PlaqueOff Treats from Sweden Care. The abrasive sea kelp goes to work on their teeth and gums, stimulating for better dental health and fresher breath! A once daily treat they’ll love.

This toothpaste will be great for your dog's dental health

4. Wickedly Potent Toothpaste

You want something clean and non-toxic for your dog’s pearly whites, right? Then you’ll love Wickedly Potent Toothpaste. Made with human-grade, non-GMO ingredients, your dog will love the taste and you’ll love clean ingredients that draw out nasty bacteria and odors.

Obviously, you’ll want a toothbrush for that toothpaste, and not all are created equally. These are made with long handles and silicone that can curve to meet the contours of your dog’s gums and tooth line. It also allows you some flexibility and reach for those back teeth when your pup may not be so amenable to your hand being in there.

This dental wash additive is good for dental health

6. Oxyfresh Dental Gel

Super easy to use and tasteless, a capful of this nontoxic, made-in-the USA gel will help fight bacteria, germs and odor that lingers in your dog’s mouth and does damage to their gum lines and teeth (and your nose!).


7. IQ Treat Ball

This treat ball is a perfect disguise for a dental cleaning toy! You can put treats in for your dog to gnaw at and retrieve, and every gnaw helps stimulate and massage his gums, while also cleaning plaque and tartar off his teeth. Meanwhile, his brain is developing and you’re raising his IQ and all you have to do is enjoy!

These finger brushes are easy to use and access

8. Finger Toothbrush

Your dog may prefer your gentle touch and you may prefer targeted brushing, so these finger brushes are perfect for you both. Soft, gentle and stimulating, they’ll gently take plaque and tartar away, but don’t forget to brush their tongue, as 80% of mouth bacteria rests there!

9. Outback Jack Bully Horns

My dogs love them, and they are amazing for longevity and natural cleaning of plaque and tartar. Their shapes make it easy for the dogs to really sink their teeth into (see what we did there?) and they do a great job of cleaning teeth without leaving a mess behind!

10. Dental Wipes 

If your dog just doesn’t want to have you do some doggy dental duty with a tooth or finger brush, you can at least do some work with these dental wipes. They’re not toxic, and the Chlorhexidine / Sodium Hexametaphosphate combination helps fight bacteria, plaque, tartar and more.