Top 12 Dog-Friendly Road Trip Necessities

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria

Sunny weather means it’s time to pack up the car, grab your best friend and hit the road. By best friend, we mean your dog (of course!), and to make their ride just as fun, here’s a roundup of what you should pack for your road trip.

1. Paw Wipes

Between bathroom breaks and stretching your legs (and paws!), keep your dog’s tender tootsies in tip-top shape. Clean them up with these wipes whenever they get out of your pristine vehicle (which will no doubt look like a dog-stye by the end of the trip).

Get squeaky clean at Amazon.

2. Seat Covers

Protecting your car from your pooch’s paws and slobber is of the utmost importance, especially if you intend on keeping your vehicle for years to come. Your seats looking brand new with an efficient – and stylish – back seat hammock.

Kurgo’s got you covered (literally).

3. Road Trip Toys

If your dog is a chewer it is imperative that you give them something to do while you’re on your road trip. KONG Toys are known to be made from high-quality and tough materials, so it should give your dog something to do for a while trying to tear through the seams of this guy. And that’s why they offer them in a two-pack! So you can hand one to your pup when the trip starts and still have a backup if they get through it fast.

Get Fido in the road-tripping mood with one of the KONG Cozies characters: he’ll have a plush buddy to hang out with while you keep the eye on the road. There are also different characters to choose from like Marvin the Moose and King the Lion After all, nothing says “It’s going to be a GREAT day” like getting some new chew toys to destroy!

4. Collapsible Dog Bowl

Cramming everything into the trunk of a car means planning to get some space-saving solutions in order to pack as efficiently as possible. Make sure to get a pair of collapsible travel bowls for your pooch- one for their chow and one to hold fresh drinking water.

Get two birds with one stone when you buy this double diner set.

5. Pet Blanket

Keep your car seats spotless and your four-legged bestie cozy with a single purchase: a soft and warm dog blanket. This fluffy throw will make sure that your dog is toasty and comfy during the drive and beyond- most of these blankets are machine washable, so you can use them outdoors, too, without worrying about dirt and stains.

Afford your pooch luxurious softness at a cheap price with this plush dog blankie.

6. Pet Seatbelt

Your pet’s safety should always be your top priority. When you are driving around with your pet in the car, you have to keep them securely tethered: seatbelts are a must for humans and dogs both. Dog seat belts have a special design that makes them safe and suitable for canine use and it’s important to pick the right size and model for your pet’s unique needs.

This Sherpa seat belt harness attaches to your car’s seat belts for superior safety and convenience- it doubles as a regular walking harness.

7. Anti-Nausea Medication

Bringing your pooch to the next city over for a little road trip can be vomit-free with the help of some over-the-counter medication such as Metoclopramide. Always be sure to read the label and talk with your veterinarian to make sure you can safely use this medication before administrating it to your dog.

Chewy has everything you need to keep your trip barf-free.

8. Pet Carrier

If you have two delightful pooches who are road-ready, this double pet kennel is a must-have! It fits most car’s back seats, plus you can pick the carrier right up and head outside hassle-free. Of course, it will be a fit for petite pooches only- larger breeds would do better with a sturdy travel crate.

This budget-friendly pet carrier can also be detached in two single units.

9. Car Shade

It gets hot in the back seat, no matter if you turn your AC on or not. Plus, if your dog is in a back seat hammock, they may not get that much-needed cool air while basking in the sun’s rays via the side window. Keep your pooch calm and collected by installing some inexpensive car shades.

Available at Amazon.

10. Pet Kit

While a regular first aid kit should always be somewhere in your vehicle, make sure to also purchase (or make your own) Pet First Aid Kit. It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it!

From tick removal to caring for wounds, this pocket first aid kit will be a life-saver in all kinds of unfortunate scenarios.

11. Dog Kibble Carrier

Your pet’s chow has to be stored properly to stay fresh and crunchy. Not only that all kinds of critters could get in a flimsy bag and ruin your pet’s kibble, but improper storing could cause dry food to go rancid and leave your pet hungry on a long camping trip- a situation everyone wants to avoid. Luckily, this travel food container allows you to pack up to 5 pounds of your pet’s food for safekeeping without it taking up much of your space.

Easy to use and with plenty of useful pockets to boot, Kurgo kibble carrier will exceed your expectations.

12. Pet Travel Bag

If you want to keep all your pet’s travel necessities neatly stored in one place, you’ll need a proper dog travel bag. There are plenty of trendy designs that look more like fashion accessories than a bag for your pooch- and this weekender backpack is one of them. Cool and cute, it will help you organize your pet’s toys, food, and everything else with ease.

Choose between navy polka dots, pink, or black travel backpack– you can’t go wrong with any of them.

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