Top 10 Dogs Who Love to Fart

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Who doesn’t like a good fart joke? Fido’s flatulence is hilarious, even though his poots could clear a room. If you hear a toot, followed by a toxic whiff, there’s a good chance that one of these 10 dog breeds cut the cheese.

That’s right, these doggies specialize in letting loose a good toot. Sure, all animals do. Flatulence one of the great pleasures that comes from living on planet Earth. Whether it’s the sweet sensation of relief, the adorable trumpet sound, or the room clearing smell, everyone has something that they love about dropping a satisfying fart. However, if you are the proud puppy parent of a full time fart factory, it can be a bit of a nuisance. After all, you can only admire your pup’s poofs for so long before it becomes a little too taxing on your nostrils. So, in addition to providing you fine readers with the definitive list of the best doggy tooters around, we’ll also offer you with some helpful tips on how to limit the output of your fur baby’s fart factory. While no one wants to deny their doggy the undeniable pleasure of a good toot, it’s always better to allow your dog to focus on the quality of their vapour stinkers over the quantity.

1. Neapolitan Mastiff

These powerful, wrinkly dogs are known to have some of the funniest snores around – some of them even sound like farts! But when you realize your dog isn’t asleep and that the sound didn’t come from their snout, but rather from their rear end, take cover! Thankfully, all of those extra wrinkles at least provide enough flapping skin for satisfying sounds that will give you enough time to clear the area before your doggo’s private brand of chemical warfare invades your personal space. (Photo credit: mkoudis/Bigstock)

2. Boxer

The Boxer’s anal acoustics are something to behold and admire… from the comfort of an adjacent glass-encased room with a military-grade gas mask just in case. Safety first, kids. These dogs fart with purpose and passion, so you’ll never miss one of their bombs in you are caught in the blast area. (Photo credit: DNF-Style/Bigstock)

3. Golden Retriever

Did you think this family dog fave was fart-free? Of course not! After all, they do listen to everyone else’s farts it’s only fair that they share in this family pastime! If you don’t believe us, here’s a video that proves that these friendly canines indeed to let out the occasional butt bomb or two. Skip to about 0:30, where the farting truly begins. As we all know, “the family who farts together are fabulous together.” So don’t be upset if you beautiful golden pupper starts dropping bombs amongst the children. That just means that he’s finally part of your family.

4. Pug

You wouldn’t think that these tiny little pups would have the the space or power in their posterior to earn a spot on this list, but you would be wrong. Quite the opposite, in fact. The pug is perhaps most famous fido farter of them all! This pup has been known to let it rip both when they’re asleep and awake. Worst of all is when they let out a butt buster so loud, they scare themselves. Now you have a walking wrinkle that is terrified of their own arse – talk about a hard life! (Photo credit: savytska/Bigstock)

5. English Bulldog

Farting is all part of the adorable Bullie package… so get used to it! There’s not a Glade Plug In that can mask his gassy assy. Put away that room spray, open a window and settle in – you may never get used to that famous Bulldog scent! These dogs might be fairly compact in size, but you’ll need to give them lots of space in your home to accommodate all of their farts. On the plus side, you never need to worry about losing track of an English Bulldog in your home. You nose will always lead you to your Bulldog, whether you like it or not.

6. Pitbull Terrier

One reason for constant flatulence may be that your dog is scarfing down his food so fast, he’s swallowing a lot of air. That, in turn, can mean a lot of loud and stinky butt trumpet blasts from your Pitbull Terrier, who is known to break wind… while breaking your sense of smell. Owning a pitbull is kind of like owning a whoopee cushion, every time you sit down you’ll be expecting to hear a thunderous toot! At least you’ll never stop laughing! (Photo credit: Earthpassage/Bigstock)

7. Rottweiler

These loyal vigilantes are complete snugglers when it comes to their favorite human. And not unlike your best human friends, they will also feel more than comfortable enough to fart in front of you with utter abandon. From tiny little odor bubbles to full-out, nothing-held-back, methane-like fart bombs, they’ll do it all. And you’ll still love them to pieces. Learning to appreciate the smell of your doggo’s brand is an important part of being a good pup parent! (Photo credit: olgaartfly/Bigstock)

8. Boston Terrier

Nicknamed as the “American Gentleman,” there is absolutely nothing regal about this dog when it comes to their derrière. This is usually because of two things: one, their diet and two, their short snouts, which causes them to swallow a lot of air. This combination makes for a pooch that is notoriously good at letting out a butt growl. These pooches will swallow up air all day long and have a bowel full of loud surprises waiting for you when you get home.

9. German Shepherd

If you’ve ever wondered why your German Shepherd walked away nonchalantly from his favorite spot unexpectedly, it may be because he let one fly and can’t stand the smell (not unlike humans!) These farts will smell extra stinky if you feed your canine anything that is high in corn, soy, starches, or carbohydrates. Just like us! (Photo credit: exopixel/Bigstock)

10. Beagle

If you’re tired of your adorable Beagle letting out the occasional heiny honk (which releases a none-too-pleasant odour), you may consider taking a walk after a meal for some much-needed exercise. While this won’t really help how bad their wet ones smell, it will aid in intestinal mobility. Plus, letting Mother Nature take one for the team is better than smelling that fart in an enclosed space. You’ll want to spread those Beagle bombs around your neighbourhood. No need to keep them all to yourself! (Photo credit:

Want to Stop the Stink? Here Are Some Tips!

While your dog is always likely to fart, it is thankfully possible to cut down on the quantity of those butt rips and even reduce the smell. All it takes are a few helpful hints. If your dog is farting a lot, it might be due to more than just his breed. There are a few reasons why a canine would be suffering from gas, so targeting the cause of the flatulence can help you find ways to give your pet some relief.

Here are a few of the reasons why dogs fart:

  • When a dog eats something that doesn’t agree with him, or when he eats a new food because you decided to change his diet, he might end up farting quite a bit. When choosing a food for your canine companion, keep in mind that there are certain ingredients that can cause gas. One example is indigestible carbs, although meals and treats that are high in meat can also cause stinky farts. Unfortunately, there’s no exact science to this. You’ll just have to monitor which foods and treats make your pup launch toxic fumes and cut them out of their diet.
  • In addition to a change in diet, a food allergy might be to blame if your dog has a lot of gas. You might need to consult with your veterinarian to find a food that will be easier on your pet’s digestive tract. Perhaps your dog will need to switch to a diet with a novel protein, as an example. The goal will be to give him food that will be easier for his body to digest, as doing so can help reduce gas.
  • If you change your pet’s diet too quickly, farting might ensue. Whenever you’re planning on making a big change to your pet’s daily diet, it’s best to transition slowly, adding some of the new food to the old food over the course of several days until your dog is only eating the new food. This will help your pet’s body adjust, and it might help reduce farting.
  • A lack of exercise might even cause a dog to fart more. So, if your dog tends to be quite sedentary, that might be the problem. Taking your dog to the park or into your backyard to play, and going on more walks, might be the remedy to his gas that you’re looking for.
  • If your dog tends to eat his food really quickly, he might be swallowing too much air in the process, and that could lead to farting out the air later on. Try to provide your pet with a stress-free environment in which to eat, where there won’t be any competition from other dogs, so he can eat slowly. You might even consider feeding him smaller meals more frequently throughout the day.
  • A more serious cause of excess farting in dogs is gastrointestinal illness. If your pet has a disorder that’s resulting in malabsorption, you might notice that he starts to fart more, and the farts might be stinkier than usual. A couple of examples of the ailments that can cause excess gas are histiocytic ulcerative colitis and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Beyond that, however, tumors, parvovirus, and parasites, as well as enteritis, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, and an imbalance in intestinal bacteria might also be to blame. For these reasons, it’s important to have your dog examined by a veterinarian if you think the farting isn’t normal, or if there are other symptoms, such as vomiting, diarrhea, and a lack of appetite.

Thankfully any pup parents out there who are struggling with their little fart factories have some hope. There are ways to reduce or eliminate the clouds of doggy gas filling up your home. However, it’s important to remember that farts will likely always be an element in your relationship with your doggo. You don’t have to learn to love it, but learning to laugh about it will certainly make the experience a little more pleasant for your entire family.

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