Top 10 Flyball Dog Breeds

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
An exciting sport that’s perfect for active dogs, flyball competitions are drawing large crowds. There are pooches that are built for the game – check out these flyball dog breeds.

New to flyball? In a nutshell, it’s a canine relay race in which teams of dogs take turns jumping hurdles and retrieving a tennis ball. The twist is that in order to get the tennis ball, each dog must pounce on a spring-loaded box that ejects the ball and once he has it, he has to return to his team before the next dog can start the course. And there are certain pooches that can be considered flyball dog breeds.

Teamwork, speed and agility are needed and the upside is that it’s a competition where mixed breed, non-pedigree and even rescue mutts can compete with the pure-breeds to bring home the ribbons. If your pooch is a hard worker, quick on his feet and a team player, this may be the sport for him. Ready to learn which canines made our Top 10 flyball dog breeds? On your mark, get set…

Border Collie

This boy has the speed and the smarts to be a star in anything agility related and this high energy sport is a perfect way for him to burn off energy. Typically a 4-dog flyball team will include 2 or 3 Border Collie members. (Photo credit: Melounix/Shutterstock)

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

An enthusiastic and muscular pooch, flyball is just the ticket for him to show off his lightening quick speed and natural abilities when it comes to catching balls. (Photo credit: Pandas/Shutterstock)

Jack Russell Terrier

With a passion for the chase, ultra-high energy and ability to leap to extraordinary heights, this pooch’s super-alert character means no tennis ball gets past him. (Photo credit: alexei_tm/Shutterstock)


Built for racing, these sighthounds are a natural choice for a sport where speed, agility and a keen eye can make all the difference between first and second place. (Photo credit: Best dog photo/Shutterstock)

Australian Shepherd

The fast-paced competition of flyball is ideal for this high-energy, fun-loving dog who loves to run, jump and have a good time. Extraordinary herding capabilities and his love of having a job to do make him a strong team mate. (Photo credit: Pandas/Shutterstock)

Miniature Poodle

Surprisingly, these lightweight little speed demons are perfect for racing the clock and capturing the tennis ball before returning to home base. Hitting the spring-loaded ejection box can require full-body weight however. (Photo credit: Aneta Jungerova/Shutterstock)

Shetland Sheepdog

These miniature Lassie look-alikes are keen to work hard to earn their kibble and combined with their super smarts and speed, these little guys often take center podium at National and World competitions. (Photo credit: atiger/Shutterstock)

Golden Retriever

The Golden is ranked as one of the top agility dogs and together with his natural retrieving instincts this make him an ideal contender for flyball. His eager-to-please disposition makes for a dog that takes instruction well and gives it everything he’s got. (Photo credit: Hollysdogs/Shutterstock)


A desire to work hard and a need for speed; the Corgi is a formidable flyball foe. This little guy’s natural herding instinct causes him to move rapidly from A to B to get the job done while those little legs boost him up and over hurdles at breakneck speed. (Photo credit: Sapfira/Shutterstock)

American Cocker Spaniel

These super agile pooches are easy to train, love to be active, are compact enough to move quickly and because they were bred for hunting they love a good chase – tennis balls included. (Photo credit: Jan Cancik/Shutterstock)

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