Top 10 Hip Hemp Swag For Chill Canines

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1. Dog Treats

Don’t worry, these treats won’t get your pooch high, as they don’t contain any marijuana. These goodies contain a blend of non-psychoactive cannabinoids derived from non-industrial hep to regulate their homeostatic functions. But to them, it just tastes good- it’s a win-win!

Hip Hemp Swag For Chill Canines: Hemp Dog Treats

Get your stash at Treatibles.

2. Hemp Day Bed

Let your dog catch some much-needed sunshine rays in this new hip day bed made with a 100 percent hemp canvas shell. Bonus: the inner bags are completely made of cotton and stuffed with recycled materials and can be washed! Talk about a green product.

Hip Hemp Swag For Chill Canines: Hemp Dog Bed

Available at Earth Dog.

3. Hemp Pet Carrier

You’ll love it for its super nifty pockets and the fact that it’s environmentally friendly, while your pooch will like it because, well, it’s comfy!

Hip Hemp Swag For Chill Canines: Hemp Dog Carrier

Amazon has plenty in stock!

4. Cannagurt

This dog-friendly mix of goat milk yogurt and freeze-dry hemp is designed to provide supplemental nutrition to support the healing of specific dog systems. It offers a myriad of health benefits to all pets, including pain management for dogs undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Hip Hemp Swag For Chill Canines: Hemp Cannagurt

Get some at Steve’s Real Food.

5. Hemp Fling Ball

Hemp can be used to make a ton of things, including this super simple (yet crazy fun) tug toy! Be prepared for hours of fun with this toy’s natural hemp sling and re-purposed tennis ball.

Hip Hemp Swag For Chill Canines: Hemp Tug Ball

Head over to Amazon for yours.

6. Hemp Collar

This eco-friendly dog collar comes in a bunch of different colors and is super durable to boot!

Hip Hemp Swag For Chill Canines: Hemp Dog Collar

Available at Planet Dog.

7. Hemp Corduroy Leash

Your hemp-tactic collar can only be matched by this hemp corduroy leash. Bonus: this material is super soft and won’t cause dreaded leash burn in case your four-legged friend suddenly decides to go on a mad dash.

Hip Hemp Swag For Chill Canines: Hemp Leash

Get yours at The Good Dog Company.

8. Pet Hemp Oil

For pooch parents who can’t seem to find a successful remedy for their fur baby’s chronic pain (from ailments such as epilepsy, for example), a few drops of this hemp oil could help them out.

Hip Hemp Swag For Chill Canines: Hemp Oil

Pet Releaf can help you and your dog out.

9. 2-in-1 Doggie Shampoo

The human skin can withstand much more harsh chemicals than dogs can, which is why many pet parents choose organic pet products. This 2-in-1 Pet Shampoo and Conditioner contains natural ingredients to keep your pet’s coat healthy and irritation-free.

Hip Hemp Swag For Chill Canines: Hemp Shampoo

Available at Byron Bay Doggie Treats.

10. Hemp Pet Blanket

To keep your dog toasty warm on those brisk days, wrap them up in this cozy hemp doggie blanket.

Hip Hemp Swag For Chill Canines: Hemp Blanket

Get yours at Olive Green Dog.