Top 10 Kid Friendly Dogs

Amy Tokic
by Amy Tokic

These kid friendly dogs are perfect for children of all ages

The kids have been bugging you night and day for a dog. You are about to give in. But what kind of dog breed should you get? As part of your checklist of the perfect dog for your family, you need to know which breeds will be a better fit for your kids. Here’s our top 10 list of kid friendly dogs. (Photo credit: Khakimullin Aleksandr/Shutterstock)

Vizsla: Not one of the most well-known dog breeds, the Vizsla has a wonderful disposition. Loyal, gentle, affectionate and quiet, the Vizsula will be a great playmate for your children. This smart dog is easy to train, picks up on obedience skills quickly and will form a close bond with every member of the family. (©

Poodle: What a versatile pooch! The Poodle fits into many households because of its hypoallergenic coat, its gentle nature and it ability to pick up on training quickly. His good nature makes him a logical choice for rambunctious young ones, and he never gets annoyed or bored during playtime. (Photo credit: Eric Isselee/Shutterstock)

Labrador Retriever: Being a kid friendly dog is just one of the reasons why the Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog in the U.S. Boasting a sweet and patient personality, the Lab is protective, playful, loving and reliable. You can rest easy knowing that your kids are under the protective watch of the Labrador Retriever. (Photo credit: Marina Jay/Shutterstock)

Newfoundland: A gentle giant, it’s in the Newfoundland nature to look after children. Don’t let his big size scare you off – he’s loving, patient and protective. He’ll want to be around the family at all times, to watch over you and make sure that everyone under his watch is safe. (Photo credit: Keith Gentry/Shutterstock)

Miniature Schnauzer: Smart and cheerful, this smaller breed is outgoing and protective, making his the perfect pal for your kids. They do well in houses and apartments, as long as they’ve got kids to play with. And allergy suffers will love the fact that the Miniature Schnauzer sheds very little. (©

Golden Retriever: Much like the Labrador Retriever, the Golden Retriever is extremely patient, loving and protective. A great swimmer, they will paddle around with your kids in the water and rarely run out of energy. Let them tire themselves out in the yard with endless games of fetch and tag. (Photo credit: Christian Mueller/Shutterstock)

Maltese: Playful, gentle and cheerful, the Maltese loves to learn and play. Even though he boasts long, silky hair that needs to be maintained, this could be a wonderful bonding experience for your dog and child. You can expect this breed to be your child’s furry little shadow. (Photo credit: Eric Isselee/Shutterstock)

Boxer: Full of boundless energy and playfulness, the Boxer is the ideal friend for your kids. He’s friendly and always ready to lick a boo-boo or tearful face. Even though he’s ready for adventure, the Boxer makes a great protector and guardian. This athletic breed will give your kids a run for their money with his goofy and fun-loving antics. (Photo credit: Lebedinski Vladislav/Shutterstock)

Beagle: He may have started off as a hunting dog, but the Beagle has made his ways into the hearts of parents and children everywhere. Smart, friendly, and happy, the Beagle is one of the most popular kid friendly breeds around the world. With his sturdy build, the Beagle is up for a rough-and-tumble game – and with his limitless store of energy, he’ll play energetically until the kids are pooped. (Photo credit: Jagodka/Shutterstock)

Bull Terrier: If you’ve got a large family, the Bull Terrier is the dog for you. You may think that this is an aggressive dog, but the opposite is true – the Bull Terrier is bred to be a companion. He is friendly to everyone he meets and loves his family to distraction. Sturdy and well built, this breed also has a high tolerance for pain – perfect for kids who may get a little too excited. You’ll find this dog to be protective of your children, but be warned… he needs lots of play time to get all his energy spent. (Photo credit: Eric Isselee/Shutterstock)

Amy Tokic
Amy Tokic

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