Top 10 Lola B. Boston Looks for Halloween

Suzanne Frain
by Suzanne Frain
What will the most fashion forward dogs be wearing this Halloween? We asked Lola B. Boston about her boo-tiful costumes, and she gave us her Top 10 looks for a spook-tacular outfit.

While some folks reserve costumes for October 31, the Lola B. Boston Halloween Parade lasts 31 days! Somewhere along the way, the question “what is your dog going to be for Halloween?” became “what hasn’t she been for Halloween?”

Once you get inspired, the possibilities are endless. Pet stores, big-box stores, craft stores, and even drug stores have a range of pet costumes on display. Are you shopping on a budget? No worries – you can hit the jackpot at your local kids’ consignment store and dollar store.

Do you need a little inspiration for your dog’s Halloween costume? Here are our top 10 “looks” Lola B. Boston will be showing off this month!

Traditional Frights

This petite witch’s hat from a discount store is the perfect size for me!

One-piece costumes should be on the roomy side, so it’s comfortable to walk in and cozy to snooze in! Frankenstein is my favorite for a chilly night!

Popularity Contest

A tie from dad’s closet and some lightweight glasses certainly make me look just as smart as Harry Potter.

Somebody has to keep order over those unruly trick or treaters. Being the cutest sheriff in town also gets me extra treats!

Super Heroes

Add a felt “U” and cape to your shirt and you can save the day!

My brother lent me his t-shirt and mask. You think anyone will recognize me?

Creature Feature

I’m always turning heads walking down the street in this sweatshirt my mom made for me… aren’t I a little stinker!?

For some reason, I ‘m always in hot water.

Outside of the Box

One of a kind creations always stand out in a crowd. My mom pieced this gargoyle together from the scrap fabric box (inspired by Disney’s kids cartoon Doc McStuffins).

I’m thinking me and Mickey might just be distant cousins!

Once you get started, 31 days of Halloween just might not be enough! The possibilities are endless and guaranteed to share a smile with everyone. If you need more inspiration, check out Lola B. Boston on Facebook and Facebook all month long!

Lola B. Boston is the adored family pet of Suzanne Frain, her husband and four children. Lola B.’s love for treats and the camera have inspired a fun hobby of dressing in costume and using props to share inspirational quotes and smiles with Instagram and Facebook dog lovers daily. Don’t let the pictures fool you. Lola B.’s favorite hobbies include playing fetch, hiking, snuggling and fur tanning.

Suzanne Frain
Suzanne Frain

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