Top 10 Medium Sized Dog Breeds

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While any sized pooch works for me, many prospective pet owners feel like the storybook Goldilocks checking out the “too hot”, “too cold” and “just right” porridges. When trying to decide on the best dog for you, size does matter and there’s nothing wrong with taking the “somewhere in between” approach by choosing a dog that’s neither small nor large. In fact, there are some real jim-dandies out there that are perfectly sized to fit the bill! Here is a list of the Top 10 Medium Sized Dog Breeds that are guaranteed to play a big role in your life.

Border Collie

Top 10 Medium Sized Dog Breeds: Border Collie

A whole lot of smart in this pick for our top medium sized dog breeds. These incredibly intelligent boys are one of the fastest, most athletic dogs in the world. He’s great with kids, makes a fabulous running buddy and his herding instincts mean he’s sure to keep the cat in check. He weighs in at no more than 45 pounds and stands up to 22 inches at the shoulder. These smart dogs have a lot of energy, though, so get ready for that. It is a great idea to spend time training your Border Collie. Also, teaching your pooch to perform a variety of tricks will not only be mentally stimulating for him, but also a lot of fun for both of you. And even though this is a medium sized dog, because of his high energy level, it is helpful if you have a nice sized backyard that he can run around and play in to let all of that energy out in a positive way. (Photo credit: Ksuksa/Bigstock)

English Springer Spaniel

Top 10 Medium Sized Dog Breeds: English Springer Spaniel

Great things come in medium-sized packages and this friendly pooch is no exception. Typically used for hunting game bird, he is agile, willing, obedient and a quick little learner. He’s also great with kids and makes a super companion pooch. Dripping wet, he weighs around 50 pounds and stands up to 19 inches tall. Like so many other canine breeds, though, the English Springer Spaniel does need to have the opportunity to exercise daily. It is important to know that this breed is athletic and active, and it also has a natural instinct for hunting. Allowing your dog to play at the park or in your backyard is wise. And these dogs love being in open spaces, so if you live in the country and you’re in search of a medium sized dog, this breed might be just what you have been looking for. (Photo credit: rokopics/Bigstock)


Top 10 Medium Sized Dog Breeds: Beagle

One of the easiest going pooches around, this happy little guy is always delighted to share his thoughts on the world and is known for having a pretty robust bark and bay. He’s a great family dog with sweet, engaging brown eyes. For such a vocal pooch he has a pretty pint-sized frame that is typically under 25 pounds and no more than 15 inches in height. Also, if you are in search of a great family dog, the Beagle will not disappoint, as these dogs generally get along well with kids, and they form strong bonds with their owners. Even though these dogs can be a little shy at first around new people, the Beagle doesn’t really make for a good guard dog, but if you want a loyal and friendly canine companion, this is a good place to start. (Photo credit: Johan F/Bigstock)

Portuguese Water Dog

Top 10 Medium Sized Dog Breeds:

The Obamas got it right. This playful medium-sized dog gained superstar status when he became the official First Dog of the White House a few years back. Natch, he loves water and was even bred to keep sailors company when at sea. He lands on the bigger side of “medium” packing up to 60 pounds on a 23 inch frame. Plus, the Portuguese Water Dog is one that really aims to please. Start training your pooch early for the best results, but rest assured that, with positive reinforcement, this smart dog will eagerly learn new rules and tricks in an effort to make you happy—and that will certainly make both of you happy! It is also worth noting that this fun loving canine breed is great with kids, as well as protective of the humans he loves, making it a good choice for families who want a watchdog that will be loyal and intelligent. (Photo credit: LynMc26.2/Bigstock)

Cocker Spaniel

Top 10 Medium Sized Dog Breeds: Cocker Spaniel

This sweet little darling with the big soulful eyes is a great companion dog. Like most breeds, he was originally developed for hunting and specifically for flushing out birds. Today this loving dog nestles nicely into any family unit and weighs in well under 30 pounds with a height of about 15 inches. Just keep in mind that this breed is part of the sporting dog group, so it is important to give your dog plenty of time to exercise and play every day. Training your pooch is a great way to connect with him and mentally stimulate him, too, but be prepared because these dogs can be a bit challenging when it comes to keeping their attention during training sessions. Generally, though, these dogs are well behaved, and they do have a lot of energy, especially when they are young. Plus, these friendly canines love having something to do, so giving these pooches a job will also make them happy. (Photo credit: Cripps Photography/Bigstock)


Top 10 Medium Sized Dog Breeds: BulldogYou know you want one! This stocky little beauty with the iconic under-bite is one of the most visually animated of the medium-sized dogs. In spite of his intense, jowly look he’s actually a really loyal companion pooch who loves nothing better than to hang with you on the sofa. He does pack a lot on his short 15 inch frame, weighing in at up to 45 pounds. Generally, these dogs can be described as low-maintenance, friendly, and sometimes stubborn. They can also be playful, and they are responsive to training, so they can integrate rather easily into your family and your home. (Photo credit: kozorog/Bigstock)


Top 10 Medium Sized Dog Breeds: Poodle

Don’t be fooled by fluff! This pooch is one of the most intelligent breeds around and one of the easier ones to train. Their gentle nature belies the fact that they too were bred for the hunt and retrieving water fowl. This beauty is loving and great with kids and other animals. At around 60 pounds and 27 inches in height, he sits at the top end of the medium-weight size. (Photo credit: vizland/Bigstock)

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier

Top 10 Medium Sized Dog Breeds: Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier

In spite of their silly, playful nature these intelligent pooches have a keen-to-please personality that makes them easier to train than most terriers. In spite of his somewhat crazed appearance, his super soft and curly coat sheds minimally which makes him great for those with allergies. He weighs no more than 45 pounds and stands around 20 inches tall. (Photo credit: babenkodenis/Bigstock)

Standard Schnauzer

Top 10 Medium Sized Dog Breeds: Standard Schnauzer

What a distinctive pooch; he’s handsome, intelligent, devoted to his family and like the Poodle and Wheaten, is a minimal shedder. This loving little dog comes from a working class breed that was used for tracking, herding and retrieving on land and water. No wonder he’s kept in shape all these years, packing just 45 pounds onto his 20 inch frame. (Photo credit: Madrabothair/Bigstock)


Top 10 Medium Sized Dog Breeds: Whippet

Finishing up our medium sized dog breeds list is the Whippet. While this agile boy can reach speeds of up to 35 mph, he’s cool with just chasing balls, catching Frisbees or even working as a therapy dog. He’s friendly, loving and a big fan of crashing on the sofa with his bestie. He carries up to 40 pounds on his 22 inch frame. (Photo credit: Lilun/Bigstock)