Top 10 Tech Accessories To Help Fido Get Fit

Rachel Leavy
by Rachel Leavy

The New Year has arrived, and with it comes a long list of resolutions. If you’re determined that this is the year you’re going to get in shape, we found 10 fit tech trends that let you include your dog in your resolution. These pet-friendly fitness gadgets and apps do it all, from donating to a local shelter when you walk your dog, to keeping track of your dog’s health information and sending it to your vet. Even if you have no plans to build the perfect body, we’d still recommend geeking out with all these cool dog gizmos!

Wooftrax: A smartphone app that’s also generous – what a concept! Wooftrax donates to a local shelter every time you walk your dog. They work with over 4,000 shelters and allow you to pick the rescue of your choice when you walk your dog. Just think – not only are you and your dog partaking in a healthy and enjoyable activity, you’re also helping save the lives of homeless pets as well. It’s the perfect example of a win-win situation indeed! This application can be downloaded for free on Google Play, iTunes, or on the Wooftrax website.

Voyce: The eagerly anticipatedVoyce is not your average dog collar. It tracks your dog’s vitals, activity, health signs, and more. It allows you to see trends in your dog’s behavior and adjust accordingly to keep him healthy. Voyce also makes your veterinarian’s life easier by taking out some of the guesswork. Information gathered by the Voyce collar can be easily shared to with your vet and aid in diagnostics. The collar retails for $299 and can be ordered on the Voyce website.

Heyrex: The Heyrex attaches to your dog’s collar and monitors everything your dog does. So while it still monitors your dog’s health, it also monitors your dog’s behavior and can alert you to activities such as scratching, exercise levels, sleep quality and other behavioral or health issues. The longer your dog wears the Heyrex, the more comprehensive the data will be. Heyrex will even send you a personalized email if they notice something unusual in the dog’s behavior. A starter pack will cost you $149.99 and can be ordered on the Heyrex site.

Tagg: No matter where your dog goes, Tagg follows. This collar attachment comes equipped with GPS technology and sends you text alerts if they leave the house. Tagg also tracks your dog’s activity levels and records walks. It even has a temperature sensor to make sure your dog isn’t exposed to extreme or dangerous temperatures. Not sure if it’s too cold outside to walk them? Tagg will tell you. Pick one up online for $99.95 at Tagg.

Whistle: Here’s another smart collar attachment that tracks behavior patterns, but doesn’t have a monthly programming fee. It uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology to send updates directly to your phone via smartphone app. You can connect with Whistle from anywhere you are to see his activity level and check on his overall wellness and health. The Whistle retails for $99 at select pet retailers and at Whistle.

Otto PetCare Systems: This activity tracker comes with the bonus of a tech-savvy feeding system. That means you can remotely feed your dog as well as keep track your dog’s activity (which will alert you via text when there’s abnormal behavior afoot). If you’re running behind at work or stuck in traffic, you can press a button on the phone app and it will release food from the special feeder it’s connected to through the Cloud. And better yet? You can be sure your dog noticed because the feeder has a webcam! It runs about $119 and can be ordered at Otto PetCare Systems.

MyFitDog: The MyFitDog concept includes a social network component to its activity tracking. Not only does it track your dog’s behavior, it tracks yours as well, and holds you accountable to your goals. I love this idea for a family with kids getting a new puppy. There’s no way to get out of walking the dog now! MyFitDog started as a Kickstarter, was funded and is now being sent to the backers. It sells for about $99 and can be ordered on the MyFitDog site.

FitBark: Fitbark tracks your dog’s activity and works with pet care professionals to give pet parents peace of mind. This device allows you to see your dog’s activity while out with his dog walker or at dog daycare, and even gives the dog walker the ability to send updates to the owner. For more information or to purchase ($99.95), visit the FitBark website.

Map My Dogwalk: Download this app that uses GPS to track your dog walk each day. Being a dog walker myself, I enjoy looking at my pedometer climbing in steps each day. This app takes it one step further by showing you the route you took and how healthy it was for you and your dog. You can join a dog walking group, keep track of your food and share your walks with friends. It’s available for free on iTunes and you can sign into the Map My Dogwalk site for more perks.

WUF: The WUF collar isn’t available for purchase just yet (it recently finished up its successful Kickstarter campaign), but it’ll be sensational when it is. It comes with GPS, tracks your dog’s activities, recommends games and feeding, offers training tips and even has two-way audio. As well, the WUF collar offers daily suggestions to help you strengthen the relationship you have with your dog. To preorder ($149) or for more information, visit WUF.

Rachel Leavy
Rachel Leavy

Rachel Leavy lives in Rochester, New York with her dog, Maria, and her gecko, Nigel. She has loved animals all her life, and has owned her own dog training and walking company for five years. When she's not playing with puppies, she can usually be found writing short stories, riding horses or out at a play.

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