walkzee Kickstarter Wants To Pair Dogless Walkers With A Shelter Pooch

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With urban sprawl running rampant (and with no signs of letting up in the near future), it’s just not feasible for many metropolis dwellers to own a dog. But if you need a doggy fix and a furry walking buddy, walkzee wants to connect you with shelter dog.

As the first free online platform connecting shelter dogs in need of a walk to dog lovers looking for a walking buddy, walkzee is looking for backers on Kickstarter. The brainpuppy of Cristina and Charlie Saunders, the idea for walkzee came about after a trip to Hawaii. While on a walk, they came across an amazing shelter dog field trip program, where locals and visitors are encouraged to visit and take shelter dogs out for the day. After taking Big Z (the Zee in walkzee) out for the day, the couple realized what a wonderful initiative it was. Not only was it benefiting the dog, but also the shelter and the walkers!

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So how will walkzee help dogs and people?

  • Increased time out of the shelter (and office) for exercise
  • Improve chances of adoption through increased human interaction
  • Help to promote shelter dogs as great pets online (reviews, social sharing)
  • Provide more volunteers and donations for the shelter

There’s already a walkzee site, and the first phase of the project is already complete. Interested walkers can now:

  • Visit walkzee.com and search your local area
  • Scroll through shelter dogs in your area that are in need of a walk
  • Choose the dog you want to help and request a walk
  • Adopt, donate or leave a positive review for your new best friend
  • Enjoy your day out with your new best friend!

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The Kickstarter project is to raise funds for stage 2 of the project. walkzee aims to engage with shelters, improve the website with enhancements and integrations, and build up the walking community.

I love this idea and think that it has real potential of taking off. There are a few different levels of pledges, and I’m leaning toward the “Support the Underdog” hoodie! To make a pledge and learn more about the site, visit walkzee’s Kickstarter page.