Best Buy Canada And We Are Wearables Host Pet Wearables Event June 3

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
If you and your dog are fitness fanatics, make sure you head to Canada’s first Pet Wearables event this Wednesday in Toronto.

Rover may be able to run, but boy he sure can’t hide! With the Fitbark Activity Monitor for Dogs you can track his every movement (or lack thereof) from the moment you leave the house. The lightweight, water-proof device fits onto his collar and monitors his activity 24/7, translating it into BarkPoints that represent rest, activity, and play. You can check in on him throughout the work day and if the numbers suggest your little guy becomes a couch potato the moment you close the front door, you’ll know that you and lazy bones have a date with the leash that night to ensure he meets his daily activity goal.

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Does this sound a little too big brother for you? Well hang on to your Frisbee because poochie is about to get connected via wearable technology that is designed to keep him not only active but safe and well behaved. On Wednesday, June 3, Best Buy Canada and We Are Wearables are hosting Canada’s first Pet Wearables event.

A panel of pet and pet technology experts will discuss how items like the MotoPet 200 that helps modify your little guy’s behaviour or the previously mentioned Fitbark can change the lives of pets, pet parents and pet care providers. Product demos followed by hands-on test runs of some of the latest technology will follow the discussion.

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Where to be: The MaRS Auditorium, 101 College Street, Toronto.

When to be there: Wednesday, June 3, 2015 (Doors open at 6:00 PM)

Big note: Unfortunately your furry little sidekick cannot attend the seminar or product demonstrations but there will be plenty of photo ops with some famous or exotic stand-ins that include:

  • Moxie: A certified St John Ambulance Therapy dog and the star of the kids’ book series Adventures of Moxie & Chicken. The big “M” was also featured on Mashable for her use of GoPro so bring your autograph book!
  • Geronimo: An adorable silver Fox
  • King Julian: A ring-tailed Lemur, named after the famous “Madagascar” character
  • Tigger: From down-under, this red Kangaroo hops in for photo ops.

But there’s more. On June 5, Best Buy Canada is hosting a Twitter chat on @BestBuyCanada, which will include @WeAreWearables, @Fitbark, @Petcube and @BinatonePLC and its open to the public. Just follow @BestBuyCanada and look out for the chat using the hashtag starting at 1:00 PM EST. One lucky participant of the chat will win a pet wearable gift pack.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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