Top 10 Weird Pet Products You Never Knew You Needed

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1. Doggy Lips

Do I look like the Kardashians yet?

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2. Crazy Mouse Fingers


Dance for me kitties, dance!

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3. Bacon Bubble Machine


Get ready for your pooch to get absolutely bat-bubble-crazy with this machine which makes the bubbles smell like bacon (we’re undecided on how it tastes, however).

Go to Amazon to order yours.

4. Pooping Machine


Playing with turd has never been fun?

Available at Etsy.

5. Yoogeer 3D Catnip Fish Toy

Cats can really be the most stubborn of all the pets. When they want to play, they will let you know – but when they are bored, you will definitely know about it. However, with one of these quirky and weird toys, you can make sure that your feline friend is almost never out of fun. Yoogeer 3D Catnip Fish Toy might seem like an odd choice to you, but not to your pet: fish, as we know, are somewhat of a weak spot for any cat – and these toys have a realistic shape and look of carp, mackerel, goldfish, and others.

While this alone would be enough to entice any kitty, that is not all: the fish contain catnip inside them! Once your kitty gets a whiff, the fun time begins- and there’s nothing fishy about it. As soon as you witness your kitty going bananas over these toys, it will be clear why this weird toy was a great choice. Of course, the toys are made with durable PP material so they can withstand the true kitty onslaught- and there will be an onslaught.

6. Kitan Club Cat Cap

In case you’ve wondered how to piss off your cat and make her an Instagram celebrity all in one go, this is your answer. This set of 5 insanely adorable fluffy cat hats with bunny ears will make you laugh, cry, snap photos, and expose yourself to your kitty’s hissing- but it will all be worth it to see your kitty with this hat on. Seriously, cute enough to risk maiming. Kitan Club Cat Cap is easy to put on and won’t really irritate your cat or make her uncomfortable (although there’s nothing to stop her from being a drama queen) as all it takes is sliding it on your pet’s head. The bottom strap that goes under the chin will keep it on your pet’s head long enough for you to take some pics for social media!

The set includes 5 hats in cute pastel colors- pink, yellow, orange, mint green, and brown. These kitty caps will fit cats with a head circumference of 11” to 11.5,” so if you have a kitten or a really chubby pet, they might not be a good match.

7. Foot Fetish


When your pooch has already chewed your shoes, give him a foot for size!

Available at Amazon.


8. Licki Brush

Kitty, I’m one of you now. I do you, then you do me next.

Get lickin’ at Amazon.

9. Brooklyn Owl Unicorn Horns

When a dog just doesn’t feel like being a dog, it’s time to become a sparkly unicorn.

Brooklyn Owl has horns and more.

10. Breezy Beach Cottage Cat House

If you’ve ever watched Modern Family you may have seen the episode where patriarch, Jay, creates cool and funky dog pets inspired by his French bulldog, Stella. Well, now you can have the same type of cool house for your car. This adorable Breezy Beach Cottage will have you wishing there was one in your size. Cats love laying in boxes and this one will not only make them feel cozy and comfortable all while looking cute (but they might still want to lay in the Amazon box that this one comes in!). 

The Breezy Beach Cottage is safe for cats and is made with human-grade soy based inks and toners. So if they lick or chew the box, they won’t be harmed. The boxes are also made from recycled cardboard so they are eco-friendly. Your kitty friend will love curling up in their beach cottage and you will love the way it looks in your home.