Track Your Dog’s Mood With TailTalk Emotion Sensor

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
If you’re happy and you know it, wag your tail! That’s the basis behind TailTalk, a small device placed on your dog’s tail that tells you how your dog is feeling.

When I was a kid we learned pretty quick that a growling dog was an unhappy boy to be avoided and that a tail-wagging pooch was a very happy camper who would always welcome a pat on the head. Simple, right? Apparently, not so much.

Wagging isn’t just about being happy – it’s also used as a key social cue for dogs that includes complex emotional signals that we simple humans don’t’ quite get.

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According to DogStar, understanding the tail means understanding the dog and to this end, and that’s why they’ve created the TailTalk tracker. It’s a small flexible sensor (think ponytail holder) that slips over the tail and is worn throughout the day. Based on your pet’s tail activity, the tracker can translate his emotional state at any given time via the DogStar app on your iPhone or android device.

Wondering how it works? The TailTalk unit is a sensor that has a 3-axis accelerometer and a gyroscope that tracks tail movement in real time. An algorithm then translates the activity into emotions that pet parents can check in on throughout the day.

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What’s cool – and to me most useful – is the stored information that can show you how your pet’s level of happiness changes over a period of time. You can view this status for the day, week or month which might be helpful if you’ve changed up his routine – new dog walker or pet sitter? New home, baby or pet? Find out how he’s adjusting.

A cheat sheet for newbies? Did you know that if Rover is wagging his tail to the left, he has negative feelings of fear, aggression or anxiety? If he’s wagging to the right, it’s all good with positive feelings of happiness, excitement and satisfaction.

Want to lead the pack with this new technology? DogStar is ready to move into production mode and is funding this next step through Indiegogo. For $89 you receive one of the first TailTalk units at a $40 discount, the app and the opportunity to have your feedback incorporated into future designs. For $168 you receive two TailTalk units, the app, feedback opportunity as well as your dog’s right-wagging smile featured on the website.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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