TV Goes To The Dogs During NatGeo WILD’S BarkFest

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
This weekend, prepare for a TV coma of epic proportions! NatGeo WILD presents BarkFest, a 48-hour marathon of back-to-back episodes all about dogs.

An offshoot of the legendary National Geographic Society, NatGeo WILD takes viewers to remote corners of the world to capture extraordinary wildlife in its natural setting. From the distant shores of WILD Madagascar to the rainforests of WILD Amazon, adventure and exploration abound and are just a click away. But this weekend, NatGeo WILD only goes as far as the dog park for a closer look at your furry BFF during BarkFest.

Reality Check: not all wildlife is exotic or in many instances, even “wild”. Some wildlife likes to snuggle on the sofa and sit pretty for treats. You got it, this weekend, NatGeo WILD decided to look to its own backyard (literally) for inspiration as they launch BarkFest – a weekend of TV featuring stories of extraordinary dogs that range from the “smartest” to the smallest to the largest to the most unique and even the “greatest” – though I think my treat stealing mongrel is pretty special. For those of us now feeling inadequate, they’ve even included some run-of-the-mill cuties, for good measure.

Of course no doggie extravaganza would be complete without the expertise of the Dog Whisperer himself, Cesar Millan who appears in back to back episodes on how to tackle troublesome pooches.

No plans for the weekend and wondering how to spend some quality time with your little guy? Claim the remote and settle in to watch 48-hours of dogs, dogs and more dogs. The first episode of BarkFest is The World’s Greatest Dogs and it kicks off on Friday, May 15, at 8 p.m. ET/PT. These are the stories of extraordinary dogs: a surfing therapy dog, a bionic dog, a dog with the world record in scootering and many more.

But that’s not all. Tune in for the world premiere of the three-part series Is Your Dog a Genius?, Friday, May 15, at 10 p.m. ET/PT, continuing Saturday and Sunday at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Of course we all answered that question with a resounding “yes” but Duke University scientist Dr. Brian Hare introduces research that will help you better understand your pooch and at-home games that reveal your dog’s personality.

And there’s more! This canine marathon includes Unlikely Animal Friends: Barktacular!, featuring uncanny canine pals like cheetahs, rats and goats; and Super Underdogs, the stories of dogs who were born with unusual characteristics and who are pushing boundaries.

Rounding out the weekend is a Cesar Millan marathon starting Saturday, May 16, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET/PT, Wonder of Dogs, And Man Created Dog, Science of Dogs and The Secret Life of Dogs.

Break out the kibble, loosen the collar and get ready to explore… the more local wildlife! And don’t forget to check out the GeoNat WILD website for local listings.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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