Unfortunate Name For a Dog Coffee ‘Perks’ Our Interest [Video]

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A woman who created a dog coffee drink is having second thoughts after realizing the product name ‘Rooffee’ sounds similar to the date-rape drug Rohypnol, or ‘roofie’.

Consider it a lesson learned for a British woman who invented a special ‘coffee’ just for dogs. The drink is caffeine- and coffee-free, actually, and in the age of fun products like alcohol-free wine for cats, a little something for all the Fidos.

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Unfortunately, Agota Jakutyte is owner of Shoo Pet Products and creator of the drink named ‘Rooffee,’ and she did not realize that it sounded an awful lot like the horrible date-rape drug infamously known as a ‘roofie,’ Rohypnol. Jakutyte said she was trying to make a name that combined the words ‘coffee’ and ‘roots’ since the main ingredients were root based.

In an unfortunate twist, however, Jakutyte says not Googling to see if something out there like that word already existed doesn’t really bode well with pet owners, or humans, for that matter, and she has decided she’ll change the name.

Jakutyte has a Kickstarter to fund her coffee. She calls it a ‘wild nordic biohack’ that is key to your dog’s morning routine. It contains dandelion, hawthorn, chicory, carrots burdock and fulvic acid, and isn’t available yet. But…the Kickstarter video IS available, and y’all–I’m not sure I have the words. I mean, I’m as crunchy as they come and I feed my dogs homemade food. But just press play on this video….


Jakutyte says one morning, she was drinking her special coffee (the same blend with coconut butter and MCT oil), she noticed her dog Crete was licking her coffee. She researched and learned the mixture was good for humans and dogs, and thus, Rooffee came to be.

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“The Pet Show” host and veterinarian Katy Nelson recommends checking with veterinarians before giving dogs any supplements, particularly when the science behind the supplement is weak. She also said that dogs should never be given real coffee because caffeine can be highly toxic to dogs and even lead to death.

Jakutyte has not announced the new name yet, but says she still plans to produce ‘Rooffee,’ just with a more appropriate name.

Not sure that’s the only thing that needs to change….

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Lori Ennis

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