Upside Down Dog of the Week – Razi

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Meet Razi, this week’s Upside Down Dog from Upsidedowndogs.com. He is a 21-month-old Anatolian Shepherd from Boulder, Colorado. His owner James says: “This is my giant Anatolian Shepherd ‘puppy’  “Razi”. He’s still working on the whole balance thing, and doesn’t quite have it down yet.  But he tries his very best, and he can do a ‘half’ upsidedowndog right now, with his upper body inverted. Hopefully one of these days, and a little encouragement from the friends of upsidedowndogs.com, he’ll be able to do a full upsidedowndog and balance on his back like our beloved Anatolian Shepherd “Chopper” that Razi grew up with. Chopper was an absolute upsidedowndog master and a total ham. He spent a good portion of his life on his back, hamming it up for belly rubs 🙂

Congrats to our winner, Razi! Check back next week for another hilarious Upside Down Dog!