Upside Down Dog of the Week – Spliffy

What are you lookin’ at? It must be Spliffy, our Upside Down Dog of the Week, courtesy of Spliffy is a 3.5-year-old female American Bulldog from Mandurah, Western Australia. Here’s what her owner Luke has to say about her:

“My little girl spliffy may look big and tough, but she is far from that, and more of a little sook! Her nickname is dribbles, because besides the dog in the “Beethoven” movie, I’ve never seen so much saliva come from a single dogs mouth! This is a pic of her on her favourite dooner that she loves to snuggle up to, I guess it’s just more comfortable upside down! Hope you enjoy and get a giggle!

Here’s lookin’ at you, Spliffy! Be sure to come back next week to see another new Upside Down Dog.