Upside Down Dogs Of The Week – Harley and Jet

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We’ve got two silly winners for our Upside Down Dog of the Week! Meet Harley and Jet from Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia. Here’s what their owners Rebecca and David Frith have to say about them:

“This is (l to r) Harley, a 2.5-year-old Labrador Retriever cross and Jet, a 5- year-old Collie cross (both ex-RSPCA) thoroughly enjoying our new sofa, which means we’re never able to! Jet also enjoys chasing kangaroos and feeling the wind in his fur down at the beach. Harley enjoys eating flip flops and jellyfish, and redistributing our clothes all over the house. We think they’re a great advert for RSPCA dogs. Each was abandoned by their previous owner but they’re having a ball now and are fantastic additions to our household.”

Congrats to Harley and Jet, our Upside Down Dogs of the Week! Check in next week for a new winner.