What Time Is It? It’s Time To Get The ArtyA “Oh My Dog” Watch!

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It’s adorable art that you wear on wrist – and it also tells you when it’s din-din time! Artist Dominique Arpa-Cirpka has taken a cue from her maverick Swiss watchmaker husband, Yvan Arpa, for this exquisite timepiece collection.

Arpa-Cirpka’s “Oh my dog” watches are the inspiration behind a recent show, where the timepieces were unveiled. These watches serve as the canvas for a variety of breeds, showcasing fetching detail combined with collage and gold leaf, as well as the inner workings of a watch.

We love these wearable works of art – it’ll be hard to stop looking at your watch! In fact, you’ll stop people to ask them if they want to time, just for a chance to look at your “Oh my dog” timepiece.

The watch features a ladies’ 38mm-diameter case that has literally been stuck by lighting (yep, that’s how they make them, ensuring each case is unique). And they don’t wait for nature to take its course – this lightening is created with an electric arc that’s generated in a laboratory that specializes in the process.

“There’s a distinct feel to each and every gaze,” says Arpa-Cirpka about the collection. “The gaze of the dog, man’s best friend, expresses all its attachment and shared intimacy. Most timepieces struck by lightning are stopped forever at the time they were hit. The thunderstruck case of ‘Oh my dog’ embodies this stolen eternity.”

The “Oh my dog” collection also come with an engraved and screwed case back; double anti-reflection sapphire; artistic dial with collage, gold leaves, acrylic paint; and ArtyA quartz movement ETA 9001. This one-of-a-kind watch will set you back SFR 3’900, which translates to about $4,027.

[Source: Watchuseek.com]