White Sox’s Bark at the Park Sets Out to Break a Guinness World Reco

Mark September 13th on your calendar if you’re near Chicago. The White Sox will be trying to break a Guinness record for most dogs at a sporting event.

There’s nothing more fun than taking your dog with you wherever you go. And whoever made policies that dogs aren’t allowed at events – well, that person must not have ever been blessed by the love of a dog.

The White Sox may be changing all that with their upcoming event on Tuesday, Sept. 13th in Chicago. Fans are asked to bring their dog with them to this baseball game. The White Sox are attempting to set the Guinness World Record for the most dogs attending a sporting event.

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And with all that room in the field and on the premises, they could literally get thousands of baseball fans and their dogs. Some fans may even bring two or three dogs.

The event is called Bark at the Park and is being rolled out by AvoDerm Natural Pet Foods, Nylabone and PetSmart. You can’t just show up on the day of the event; you need to pre-purchase tickets. This is important because in the event that they don’t pre-sell enough tickets to come near the record, the Guinness officials trip will be cancelled. (They are quite expensive and have to fly out from the UK.)

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Actually, this type of event isn’t something new and this very year, some other attempts were made to break the record. In May, at the Arizona Diamondbacks game, dogs were herded into the field when the baseball team faced the Colorado Rockies. They needed 1,000 dogs to get the record – but failed.

Regardless of whether enough people come out to break the world record, it’s going to be a very fun event, sitting there with your dog watching the event together. I really believe some dogs will follow the action on the field as the baseball players run from base to base.

And look out if a ball happens to fly into the stadium and there are some Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds. There might be a showdown for that ball!

At these large events, what happens is the dogs are counted when they come in the entrance of the field. The Guinness official then makes sure there’s no dog tampering with numbers and skewing results (Gosh, we need them at the polls in November!) and decides by the end of the second inning whether or not the world record is awarded.

How fun is it to know you were part of a world record in the making? It’s a legacy for you and your dog. Imagine telling your kids, “Our dog is famous – he’s a world record holder!”

Hey, if you are anywhere near Chicago, bring your dog – or your neighbor’s dog to the event. Dogs are free and tickets are $20 for each human – you can pre-order tickets at the Chicago White Sox’s website. We’ll keep you posted about whether or not they made the world record.

Donna Schwontkowski
Donna Schwontkowski

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