You’re Haired: Dogs Wearing Trump Hair

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Trump Your Cat started the trend – and we want to take part! That’s why I got Oscar to don his best comb over and jump on the bandwagon with Trump Your Dog on Instagram.

Of course, all this started on Instagram, where Trump Your Cat encourages you to give your pet the Trump makeover. It’s easy:

  1. donald-trump2Brush your dog or cat
  2. Pull out the hair collected in the brush, form it into a toupee
  3. Place toupee on dog or cat
  4. Share & tag @trumpyourcat, #trumpyourcat and now, #trumpyourdog!

Are you on Instragram – we want to see your Dogs Wearing Trump Hair! Tag us at @oscar_petguide and #trumpyourdog, and share with your fellow toupee-loving dogs. We can’t wait to see your hair-raising creations!

[Source: Trump Your Cat]