Dogs Make Their Mark on Presidential ‘Pee On Me’ Busts

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
An artist in New York City is letting people’s pet pee parade their politics as he’s created small busts of President Trump for pups to lift their legs and let their barks be heard.

There are lots of effective ways to get your political viewpoints out and aired…the traditional rant on a bumper sticker, the super-persuasive social media posts that always convert people to your side of thinking, and now? Now there are small busts of President Trump in New York City that let a pup take a leak…all over the Prez.

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New York artisan and Brand Content Designer Phil Gable created the busts as a way to give pups an alternative to someone’s beautiful flower garden and to partly…well, piss on the president. Gable says he considers it not just his own expression of his feelings for the president as a leader and human, but also to serve as a public service for his community.

Gable has set up five of the “Pee on Me” busts in Brooklyn and they seem to be popular enough that he will bring some into the city so that the hounds of Manhattan can join in the urine fest.

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Gable says he understands that what he’s done isn’t a huge protest in and of itself, and he certainly doesn’t expect the president to hear about the peeing pups and give his position up. That said, he believes that people all have their own ways of showing their feelings about politics and politicians specifically, and this is his.

Bye-bye Tea Party, hello Pee Party?

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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