American Humane Nominee Was Returned 4 Times Before Finding Her Callin

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Fifth time’s the charm it seems for a dog who went through four failed adoptions before finding her calling: police dog with the Rhode Island State Police Office.

Sometimes it’s hard for uber-excited doggies to get adopted because their enthusiasm for life worries potential pet parents. They fear not being able to keep up with high energy levels, and often end up returning their dogs because they can’t manage the exuberance, typically in puppies.

Such was the case for a sweet pup named Ruby in Rhode Island. Ruby had been adopted–and returned–four times from the Rhode Island Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Joseph Warzycha is the Director of Operations for the organization and says that typically she was surrendered because she was considered ‘generally unmanageable.’

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Warzycha also happens to be a former police officer, and he said that he could see that there was something amazing in Ruby–it just needed to be brought out. Once she was returned for the fourth time, it was agreed that putting her in a fifth home would not be wise, as something bad may occur and liability would be too great, so they racked their brains to figure out what Ruby would excel in.

Warzycha said that channeling her high energy would allow it to be put to good use, and Ruby would be a great dog–for someone. That’s when he realized that police officers were often looking for dogs who had a lot of the qualities that Ruby had, and he wondered whether or not that might be a job right up her alley.

The Rhode Island State Police Office decided to give it a try, and Trooper Daniel O’Neil brought Ruby under his wing for training. O’Neil said that though initially, she tried to show him she was the boss, six months of intense training and bonding helped Ruby to really come into the dog she was meant to be. O’Neil says that Ruby keeps him motivated to work because she always wants to jump in the cruiser and get to business. He said that Ruby makes a sometimes difficult job less tough because she just exudes pure love, and it’s hard to be in a bad mood when you’re around her.

Now she works as a K-9 officer, helping O’Neil get the bad guys and bringing morale to all. O’Neil says that when he retires, Ruby will retire as well, and become his pet alone.

The energetic pooch found a way to use all her energy for good. O’Neil said, “She wants to jump in the cruiser so bad. She brings a little humility to a very negative environment. When you have a dog that has that emotion of pure love, it is really tough to be in a bad mood. She just wants to be with you.”

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Now Ruby works alongside police officers as a K9 officer. Once Ruby retires, O’Neil will be able to keep her as his own pet. In the meantime, she does double duty as a movie star, being part of the upcoming documentary film Searchdog.

And you’ll never believe why…in October of 2017, Ruby helped Trooper O’Neil rescue a young boy who’d been missing from his house in Gloucester, RI. The boy was the son of Patricia Inman, the very woman who had fostered Ruby wach time she was returned. Ruby and O’Neil were able to locate her son, and just in the nick of time as he was gravely ill. He made a full recovery, and O’Neil believes fully that Ruby finding the young boy was her way of thanking the Inman family for her loving care while Ruby was in between homes. Ruby’s story is so exceptional that she’s been nominated to win American Humane Award.

JUST ANNOUNCED Rhode Island's own State Police Searchdog Ruby has made it to the semi-finals of the American Humane Hero…

Posted by Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. (RISPCA) on Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Warzycha says that sometimes you get attached to certain dogs at the shelter, and Ruby was one of them.

Which just goes to show you shouldn’t count a good dog out. Even if it takes five times. Now, go and vote for this amazing dog. I just did and you can do so every day until July 11, 2018.

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