Delta Airlines Mistakenly Flies Puppy to 4 Different Destinations

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Another airline is in trouble for sending a dog to the wrong destination, with a puppy being sent to the wrong city… four times.

Josh Schlaich thought he was shipping his new puppy from the breeder in Virginia to him in Boise, Idaho on Delta Airlines, but the trip turned into a longer journey for the puppy when he was rerouted accidentally several times, and even mixed up with a littermate when he reached his final destination.

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The dogs originally were placed on a Delta flight from Richmond, Virginia, and were set to go to their furever families there in Boise, Idaho. Schlaich said that he received a call telling him that the dog was delayed and would stay the night. He said the representative didn’t have a lot of information, and seemed kind of indifferent to the plight of the puppy. He tried to get more information about the puppy’s situation, and eventually found out that the puppy was sent to Minneapolis and Detroit–where he stayed the night in a kennel. Eventually he was told he was on the way to Boise, but that’s not where the adventure ended.

When he went to the airport to get the puppy from Delta’s cargo area, it turned out that the dog’s littermate, who was intended for another local family, was there instead, and Schlaich said that for several hours, no one really knew where the puppy was. Schlaich was worried because the puppy, only eight-weeks-old had been in a kennel for two days.

Delta said that though there was confusion, the puppy was well-taken care of and let out of its kennel regularly, fed and watered regularly during the delays. They said that unfortunately, the dog had been misrouted when in Minneapolis, and ended up on a plane to Las Vegas and then Salt Lake City before he finally made it to Boise.

Delta said that they are doing everything they can to make it right, saying they know pets are important family members and they will review procedures to understand what happened and ensure it doesn’t happen again. They also refunded all shipping costs.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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