Royal Dog Helped Kate and William Through Tough Times

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
At a Christmas party at Kensington Palace this week, Duchess Kate revealed they’re a bit more like the rest of us than we might think, sharing that they got their dog Lupo to help the royal pair through a tough time.

We know that dogs are man’s best friend…women’s too! And we know that often, they bring us companionship in ways we couldn’t even imagine from four furry legs. This week at a Christmas Party at Kensington Palace, Duchess Kate shared that she too knew that to be true, telling party guests that their English Cocker Spaniel Lupo was brought into the family to help them in a rough patch.

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Some forget that Prince William is a military man, and in the early days of his marriage to Kate, they went through the struggles that many military families go through–deployments and separation. William and his brother Harry have always tried to be as ‘common’ as they could be when it came to their military service and duties, and neither has asked for special treatments simply because they’re royalty.

Which means that like most military families, the Prince and his wife had to learn how to endure the time apart. That’s where the beautiful Lupo comes into the picture.

Party guest and Royal Air Force spouse Natalie Bressani and Royal Air Force said that William and Kate told them that they knew firsthand what being apart because duty called was like, and they adopted Lupo to help them.

Saying that Prince William had shared how difficult the time he had to spend away from his new bride was for her, they adopted Lupo to keep Kate company.

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The royal pup is clearly a family member, as few official pictures of the family don’t have Lupo pictured. When Prince George was just an itty bitty, he was photographed with Lupo. Then again when George was three did the official pictures feature George and his best buddy playing in the garden.

A military spouse myself, I can attest to the irreplaceable companionship that pets bring to families while their loved ones are gone. Just goes to show that when it comes to dog love, everyone can agree it’s the best–even the Royal Family!

Lori Ennis
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