WWII Veteran Fights for Patriot PAWS With GoFundMe Campaign on 100th B

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
World War II veteran Sergeant Nick Nichols wants something special for his 100th birthday. The only gift he wants is to raise funds for Patriot PAWS.

Sergeant Nick Nichols is on a mission and he’d like to enlist a few good men and women to help him with this assignment.

You see Sgt. Nichols, a veteran of World War II who saw active duty in the Asia-Pacific campaign (1944-1945), has found an innovative way to continue to have the backs of his fellow soldiers; past, present and future. He’s running a GoFundMe campaign to collect donations for Patriot PAWS.

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The decision to embark on the ambitious crusade to raise $34,000 (the cost to train a service dog) coincides with his 100th birthday and proves there’s still fight in this retired soldier. Though his goal as a young man was to live to be 100 (mission accomplished), his calling as a centurion is to support those coming home from war and that’s where Patriot PAWS enter the picture.

Founded in 2006, Patriot PAWS is a non-profit that trains and places service dogs with disabled American veterans at no cost to them. The four-legged support systems are specifically trained to help restore the physical and emotional independence lost to so many returning from war and as one can imagine, they’re in high demand. At present, more than 100 veterans are waiting for a service dog that, in addition to the $34,000 cost to train, will take almost 2 years to certify.

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What about Patriot PAWS spoke to Sgt. Nichols and helped him decide to throw his support their way? A wish that this type of opportunity had been available to him when he was younger, says daughter Cheryl Nichols. He wants to give back to those who have suffered in battle.

So in lieu of gifts for his 100th birthday, Sgt. Nichols has chosen to spearhead a GoFundMe campaign to collect donations for a cause that is close to his heart. You can celebrate this vet’s milestone mission by visiting his GoFundMe page and making a tax-deductible donation!

Mary Simpson
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