14 Pawsome Gifts to Pamper Pooch Parents

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1. Golden Retriever Apron

Your family loves your Golden Retriever and your dog loves food… so buying this apron is only logical! Grill it up with this high-quality cotton apron.

Pooch Parent Presents: Golden Retriever Apron

Cafe Press has plenty of go around.

2. Skechers BOBS from Women’s Plush-Wag Party Flat

What’s the one thing a dog parent will always appreciate? Anything dog-themed, including footwear. These adorable flats are ideal for spring and summer: they’re comfy, lightweight, breathable, but the best thing of all- they’re all about pooches. Skechers BOBS from Women’s Plush-Wag Party Flat doesn’t only feature a cute print of pooches in all shapes and colors (literally, these are so colorful and fun!) but it also helps dogs in need. Skechers donates to animal welfare organizations and shelters with each purchase of shoes from their BOBS collection, so not only you’ll be wearing some super cute flats but you’ll also be helping dogs in need of a home, medical treatments, and rescuing. The upper of these flats is made from textile, the sole is rubber with a memory foam footbed, so comfort is all but guaranteed: especially during those long walks with your pet by your side. There are three options available to choose from depending on your personal preferences- the pooch print comes in a black and white combination, grey shades, or vibrant multi-color print.

3. Terrier Infinity Scarf

Never sacrifice your love of pooches for making a fashion statement. Let the world know your undying love for Terriers with this adorable aqua infinity scarf stamped with a Terrier silhouette.

Pooch Parent Presents: Terrier Scarf

Available at Peace Love Paws Co.

4. Wet Dog Calendar

What do you get when you cross water, dogs and a fantastic photographer? Hilariously adorable photos of wet pooches, that’s what! Get this for yourself or gift a college with this calendar and rest assured that it will deliver more than a few chuckles.

Pooch Parent Presents: Wet Dog Calendar

Get your laugh on with this calendar at Amazon.

5. Chihuahua Cappuccino

Forget mugs that just have a flat design on it… this mug takes it once step further by making the dog’s head pop out of the mug’s side!

Pooch Parent Presents: Chihuahua Mug

Artfire has this mug, plus much more breeds.

6. Rottweiler Ring

For those times when you miss your little Rotty, this ring will no doubt remind you that they are at home, waiting for you, or forever in your heart.

Pooch Parent Presents: Rottweiler Ring

Available at My Pup Boutique in bronze, silver and black.

7. Bone Cookie Cutters

Don’t forget to use this awesome bone-shaped cookie cutters  those times when you’re making dog-friendly snacks for your hungry best friend.

Pooch Parent Presents: Bone Cookie Cutters

Get them at Etsy.

8. Bulldog Painting

Show your guests how much you love bulldogs by purchasing one (or many) of these awesome bulldog paintings. This particular image is available as a acrylic, canvas or metal print as well as a greeting card and throw pillow. Better yet, get one of each – your real Bulldog will be exceptionally pleased with your decor decisions.

Pooch Parent Presents: Bulldog Painting

Get artsy at Fine Art America.

9. Pomeranian Coasters

Set your glass down on one of these rustic travertine tile coasters stamped with a cute silhouette of a happy-go-lucky Pomeranian.

Pooch Parent Presents: Pomeranian Coasters

Etsy has everything!

10. Doggie Salt and Pepper Shakers

Forgo buying another set of boring old salt and pepper shakers and instead, get this delightful pair of Scottish Terrier shakers!

Pooch Parent Presents: Scottish Terrier Salt and Pepper Shakers

Spice up your life at Bondy Pet Products.

11. Dog Gloves

Be constantly reminded of how much your furry child loves chasing after their bone with these handcrafted wool gloves made in Istanbul.

Pooch Parent Presents: Dog Gloves

Warm up at Etsy.

12. Shih Tzu Tote

This bag is totes cute and for $20 bucks, you really can’t go wrong buying it! Your Shih Tzu will be proud.

Pooch Parent Presents: Tote bag

Get yours at Red Bubble.

13. Watchdog

Now you know that six o’clock is also known as weiner time…er, we mean dachshund o’clock. Available with a white or black two-sided leather band, this watch is also water resistant so you don’t have to worry about Fido slobbering all over it.

Pooch Parent Presents: Watchdog

Get your watchdog at Etsy.

14. French Bulldog Pillow

Snuggle and snore into this hipster-looking French Bulldog pillow, which will no doubt be the attention-seeking product it is meant to be (even inanimate hipster objects are attention-hungry).

Pooch Parent Presents: French Bulldog Pillow

Catch some Z’s at Zazzle (I mean, they have 3 z’s, I’m sure they can spare one).