Top 10 Breeds With Bunny-Sized Ears

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Do your ears hang low, do they wobble to and fro? How about straight up, like a rabbit? Check out these dogs with bunny-sized ears.

Its almost Easter and we’re on the hunt. Nope, not for those cheap foil-wrapped chocolate eggs that are mysteriously hidden throughout the house. We’re hunting for (channeling Looney Tunes character Elmer Fudd) “wabbits”. Yes, we’re on the hunt for Easter Bunnies, or rather their doppelganger canine counterparts.

I mean, let’s face it, all dogs have ears; some are short and stubby, others are long and floppy and others are just plain well, enormous and upright. Hmm… it’s almost as if these perky pooches might be kin to that iconic egg-dropping cottontail himself.

But while we know there’s no rabbit DNA in the pooches that follow below, it’s still fun to take a peek at which breeds could, if they so choose, pass themselves off as that famed hopping hare.

Okay, so right off the bat, our search rules out Dobermans, Shepherds, and all those other big dogs. We’re only looking at smaller, to medium-sized breeds. More specifically, we’re searching for those that bear a remarkably similar silhouette to that perky-eared rabbit.

So, which breeds immediately cause us to do a double-take? Which ones could truly have been “separated at birth” when it comes to their close resemblance to a rabbit? Read on, but be vewy, vewy quiet (google it!):

  1. French Bulldog

Ahhh, the Frenchie. Who could ever rhyme off a list of bunny-like breeds without including the champion of all bat-eared dogs, the French Bulldog? While this stocky, stubborn little character may bear the large, trademark ears of a rabbit, his solid stance and headstrong personality mean that all similarities end right there. And although he is highly motivated by food (meaning don’t hide chocolate eggs within reach) he considers any interactive game where he gets lots of praise and attention, to be reward enough. Because this animated pooch with the oversized ears and expressive eyes is brachycephalic (flat-faced) you should be aware that he’s also snorts, snores and is heavily flatulent… which is oh-so un-bunny-like. (photo credit: J.S. Wolf Photography/

  1. Papillon

If those ears were wings, this dog would take flight. This super-spirited little pooch is named papillon for the French word for butterfly (surprised?) and he’s one of the oldest toy breeds around. Clearly the name fits, but did you know that this mini-mutt is also considered to be as smart as Poodle? What’s more, this pooch is a top pick for agility competitions because of his small size, speed, and trainable nature. Just like bunnies, he tends to be sensitive to harsh words or treatment and has a hankering for being cuddled. He also loves nothing better than hanging around with his human pack, but unlike the nice quiet bunny, this dog is a barker! (photo credit: Malivan_Iuliia/

  1. Welsh Pembroke Corgi

What this low-slung dog lacks in stature he more than makes up for with those enormous ears. Actually, this solidly built pooch with the radar-like antennae is the anti-bunny. Yes, he comes from herding stock which means he tends to instinctively corral animals (and kids, if available) to move them along his chosen path. Once upon a time, it was cattle, sheep, horses… today it’s cats, squirrels, even bunnies. All learn to go with the flow when the determined little Corgi is bringing up the rear. While he sounds terribly bossy, this eager-to-please pooch is actually polite with family pets (I did say he herded, not attacked) and while friendly with new faces, makes a great watchdog. (photo credit: Dmitriy Kostylev/

  1. West Highland Terrier

He’s small, white, furry and has great big ears. You may be thinking the Easter bunny but nope, it’s a Westie. That said, if that egg-delivering hopper were a dog, methinks this might be the breed. Small, spunky, friendly and always busy, busy, busy. In fact, the Westie is big on interactive play sessions and brisk walks to help him burn off some of that energy. While he can be a bit obnoxious with other family pets, he does get along with most – particularly if he’s been raised with them. But smaller animals should take note – the terrier in this pooch means he’s always ready to chase anything that moves… or hops. (photo credit: Nikolai Tsvetkov/

  1. Chihuahua

If ears were considered threatening, this dog would be the fiercest guard dog around. But in spite of his willingness to bark up a storm when he senses stranger danger, his ability to defend hearth and home is probably minimal at best. Yes, the loyal little Chihuahua may have bunny ears, be bunny-sized, be delightfully entertaining and be considered ideal for cuddling on your lap, he has a temper and a tendency to snap at new faces when he gets a bad vibe from them. And because he is notoriously difficult to housetrain, I’m not sure chocolate eggs would be the only thing he would be leaving around the house for you to discover. (photo credit: SmileonBow/

  1. Portuguese Podengo

When a dog comes from a land of exotic ocean breezes and has ears the size of small sails, I’m surprised this little pooch has never become airborne and just blown away. But this playful little dog – considered the national dog of Portugal – is actually very loyal and eager-to-please when it comes to his human pack. So, he’s not going anywhere! And while his diminutive size and bunny-like silhouette might peg him as a fragile little creature, he’s actually quite active and even downright rambunctious when play happens. He’s no lap dog but he is very loving and absolutely thrives on interactive playtime with his people. Particularly if he gets to chase and retrieve things. (photo credit: CL-Medien/

  1. Rat Terrier

Not the best name when you’re comparing a pooch to a bunny, but hey, the resemblance is uncanny, no? Right off the mark, this pint-sized pooch is a digger… so he instantly brings skills that are ideal for egg-hiding. And when it comes to magic tricks, well he’s the magician because his Houdini-esque talents include escaping from any enclosure he deems unworthy – think backyards, kiddy gates, pens…. If you can stay on top of his high-energy antics and get beyond his feisty nature, this little pooch is a joy to have around. And because he was bred to hunt vermin (read, smaller critters), you’ll need to ensure early socialization so he knows how to play nice. (photo credit: Julie Henthorne/

  1. Australian Cattle Dog

Okay, a little bigger than the other bunny wannabes, but I just had to share this boy’s gi-normous rabbit ears. This is a hard-working dog and just like the busy Easter bunny, he loves to have a job to do. Unlike our hopping, furry friend, this pooch cannot be contained – be it a crate, apartment or yard. Nope, he needs wide open spaces and the ability to run, jog, chase a ball or herd other animals. If not, he’s going to get bored and we all know what that means – total destruction of hearth and home. No surprise, this bossy boy will be the cat’s worst nightmare unless they’re raised together from an early age. (photo credit: Best dog photo/

  1. Boston Terrier

It’s like, if a rabbit could fit into a dog costume, this would be the one. I know you see it too! And, just like the mild-mannered bunny, this aptly-named “American Gentleman” is considered to be polite and quite agreeable with other animals. He’s sounding more and more like the Easter bunny, isn’t he? While this pooch can show a stubborn streak when it comes to getting his own way, he’s totally entertaining, loves interactive play and is super affectionate to his human pack. The only down-side is that he can be prone to snoring, snorting and well, farting. Yes, flatulence is common with all flat-faced dogs, but staying down-wind during any egg-hunt should solve that. (photo credit: Eve Photography/

  1. Yorkshire Terrier

Want to know why Yorkie’s never miss a trick? It’s those ears. Whether you’re quietly sneaking a late-night snack or packing your lunch for the next day… they’re in like flint. And that’s why they made our Top 10 list for being a bunny-look-alike. Just like a pet rabbit, they love to cuddle, are super inquisitive, always social and highly active. That said, this spunky little pooch with the signature locks and deceptively winsome look, can turn into a bossy, yappy and downright aggressive little character – especially to new faces that include both the two- and four-legged varieties. But while these antics aren’t bunny-worthy, he’s an adorable lap-lover that will always win us over. (photo credit: Valerie Nik/

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