Top 10 Calm Dog Breeds

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Just calm down! We don’t want you to be over-stimulated – and that’s why we put together this list of top 10 calm dog breeds.

Move over! It’s time to clear some room on the sofa for these ultra-chill dogs who not only consider themselves to be family and therefore entitled to some stretch-out space but who can’t imagine why you’d ever want them to get up and bark each time the doorbell rings. So, who are these super calm dog breeds that are cool with well, everything.

English Bulldog

This gentle pooch with the barrel chest, short stubby legs and a face only his mama could love is perfectly designed for snuggling up and chilling out after a busy day. He bonds quickly with his human pack, loves kids and other animals and while he’s protective, he prefers to let his face do the talking versus having to actually get up and chase someone. (Photo credit: Marvell/

Saint Bernard

Slow and steady wins the race, right? These calm, patient dogs are solid workers when it comes to locating and rescuing avalanche victims but they’re not what you’d call peppy or playful even with treats involved. And after a full day of saving lives (or not), this big boy wants nothing more than to hang with his family and claim his space on the sofa. (Photo credit: newcomer16/


The massive mastiff is one hardworking and powerful pooch but let’s face it, hyper will never be his middle name. If you’re looking for a watch or guard dog to protect hearth and home, this pup isn’t one to chase down an intruder or jump up and bark if he hears a sound. But he’ll gladly corner and hold him till you’re able to call in some support. (Photo credit: Kuzyk/


We hear the name and we think svelte, speedy, super-alert. Well, this handsome boy is all of that and more… for short periods of time. When he isn’t sprinting this timid, sweet-natured pooch is pretty chill and has even earned himself the nickname of “world’s fastest couch potato”. Yes, this calm, easy-going dog has never met a sofa he didn’t like. (Photo credit: krushelss/


This is like the Jell-O of dog breeds. He’s sweet, fun to play with, everyone likes him and his calm personality and super cool demeanor means he can easily morph into any situation. This ultra-easy-going dog is happy living in a small apartment or a big house, yard or no yard, kids and other pets are all coolio … as long as he’s with his family. (Photo credit: Serges/

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Not all small dogs are hyper! This compact boy is super amenable to any situ. While living in the great outdoors is great, so is co-habiting a small city apartment. His calm, cool and collected personality makes for a quiet, non-barking dog who isn’t easily ruffled by new faces, other animals or playful kids. (Photo credit: Lilun/

Shih Tzu

Although this little guy can be a bit headstrong, all is well with the world when he settles into a suitable lap for some one-on-one attention. Calm, obedient and super-trusting, this playful pooch is happiest when he’s hanging out with his peeps and the only watchdog expectations put on him are to watch the world go by from the comforts of his home. (Photo credit: Barbee/

Great Dane

About the only thing that agitates this powerful pooch is having to negotiate sufficient sofa space to fully strength his lengthy limbs. This super calm dog is about as easy-going as they come and while leg-room is important to his comfort, he’s pretty easy-going about everything else including exercise. He’s cool with a couple of walks each day. (Photo credit: Life on White/


Doesn’t the easy-going expression on this gentle giant just scream calm, cool and collected? This big boy loves everyone and everything and figures there’s no need to over-react when meeting a new face or animal. Kids? Bring ‘em on. Yes, this placid pooch is the perfect family pet. Watchdog? Not so much… (Photo credit: dleindec/

Basset Hound

If a yawn were a dog… wouldn’t this be him? This easy-going, good-natured pooch is an ideal addition to any family because of his strong pack mentality. He gets along with kids, other dogs and his super-calm demeanour and laid-back approach to life makes him a joy to cuddle up with on the sofa when you crave a night in with your best friend. (Photo credit: Ankevanwyk/

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