Top 10 Cute Puppy Breeds

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Down in the dumps? Not for long! Just one look at our Top 10 cute puppy breeds and you won’t be able to wipe that smile off your face.

We all know the expression “puppy dog eyes” is used to describe something that is so adorable and so totally irresistible that our hearts simply melt, right? If you’re having a bad day, want to warm the cockles of your heart, or just need to overdose on squee, we’ve got what you’re looking for — our Top 10 list of Cute Puppy Breeds!


These playful and ultra-animated looking pups are a dead-ringer for the fully grown version of this breed. High spirits and curious disposition included. (Photo credit: InaBella/Bigstock)

English Bulldog

You’ve just got to love this sturdy little boy with the stocky legs, jowly jaw line and confident attitude. No wonder this breed has so many devotees. (Photo credit: kozorog/Bigstock)


Those soulful eyes and impish expression make this sweet natured pooch pup top of the list when it comes to charming potential pet parents. Oh, and he can bay, too! (Photo credit: maforke/Bigstock)


With his distinctive smushy face and curly tail, this little kipper with the plucky personality is just as cute as they get. (Photo credit: Life on White/Bigstock)

Wheaten Terrier

A teddy-bear look-alike, this mop-haired cutie grows into one of the gentlest breeds around. Must be all those cuddles they’re sure to grow up with. (Photo credit: babenkodenis/Bigstock)

Labrador Retriever

Chubby tummies, cherub faces and all that puppy fuzz make this sweet little guy an absolute cuddle magnet. The fact that he comes in golden, black and chocolate is just the cherry on top. (Photo credit: Garosha/Bigstock)


Stubby legs, a determined personality and a great big heart make this pup a no-brainer as one of the cutest pups around. Just look at those big brown eyes. (Photo credit: otsphoto/Bigstock)

French Bulldog

With those over-sized bat ears atop a not quite full-sized body, this tiny pooch is endearingly out of proportion. Give him a little time and this petite Frenchie will grow into his appendages. (Photo credit: I T A L O/Bigstock)

Brussels Griffon

Oh. My. Dog. How is it possible to stuff that much cute into such a little puppy? Well, the Brussels Griffon has accomplished just that – that face screams to be kissed. (Photo credit: toxawww/Bigstock)

Basset Hound

It seems those mournful eyes, wrinkly legs and oversized ears make are the hallmark of this breed from day one! This pup’s miniaturized version with those iconic features make him absolutely irresistible. (Photo credit: Sean MacLeay/Bigstock)

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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