Top 10 Extra Large Dog Breeds

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
A purse dog won’t do – you need a dog that’s as big as a horse! If you believe that bigger is better, you’ll want to check out our list of extra large dog breeds.

Not all good things come in small packages. In fact, some really great things come in extra-large packages… that drool and shed and cuddle up next to you on the sofa! Make no mistake these are big boys — but they’re also gentle giants and lack the alpha dog traits you might expect from a larger format pooch. They’re easy-going, kind of clumsy and have never met a sofa they couldn’t kill an afternoon on. Meet 10 of our favorite extra large dog breeds.

Great Dane

Topping our list of extra large dog breeds, this noble looking canine leads the pack. Originally from Germany, he was bred to hunt wild boar but these days his gentle, playful personality makes him a great family pet. He stands 30 inches or more at the shoulder and can weigh up to 200 pounds. (Photo credit: Bigandt_Photography/Bigstock)


Surely the granddaddy of all mastiffs this big boy with the giant noggin’ dates back to 14th century Britain and was used for hunting and guarding. The English is the largest version of the mastiff line standing 30 inches or taller at his shoulder and weighing in at up to 220 pounds. (Photo credit: Donna Coleman/Bigstock)


Cross an English Mastiff with a Bulldog and you’ve got this family-friendly pooch. His intimidating presence made him a great 19th century guard dog, but today this sweet-natured boy is just a wonderful companion animal. You can expect your best buddy to reach 27 inches at the shoulder and weigh in up to 130 pounds. (Photo credit: Inna Astakhova/Bigstock)


This Hungarian native was bred to be a guard dog although his appearance suggests he may have worked undercover – disguised as a sheep. The larger than life pooch with the trademark “cords” of hair is an easy-going pet who won’t hesitate to step up when protection is needed. He can reach over 30 inches in height and 130 pounds. (Photo credit: Nosnibor137/Bigstock)

Bernese Mountain Dog

Native to Switzerland, this hairy handful was originally developed to herd cattle and is sometimes referred to as a Bernese cattle dog. Today these gentle family members herd nothing more than an unwilling cat and can weigh up to 100 pounds and stand 25 inches tall. (Photo credit: Grisha Bruev/Bigstock)

Newfoundland Dog

This loving companion animal with the webbed feet and thick, waterproof coat hails from Newfoundland, Canada and not surprisingly, was used to work alongside fisherman. In spite of weighing in at up to 150 pounds and standing close to 28 inches in height, this big boy is naturally agile in the water. (Photo credit: CaptureLight/Bigstock)

Saint Bernard

Often envisioned with a keg of booze hanging from his neck, this Swiss Saint is highly skilled in search and rescue and has a gentle, lovable nature that makes him a wonderful family pet and a welcome sight for stranded hikers. He will typically land in the 180 pound range and stand an imposing 27 inches in height. (Photo credit: Gualberto107/Bigstock)

Dogue de Bordeaux

Though this French import shares his name with a rather nice varietal of wine, this big boy is anything but refined. A big head, a sweetheart, a goofy nature and a whole lot of slobber make this pooch one special dogue! He tips the scales at close to 150 pounds and stands about 27 inches tall. (Photo credit: vitalytitov/Bigstock)

Great Pyrenees

This handsome lad is one of the oldest breeds around and was used for guarding sheep and protecting homes in his native France. A calm, gentle nature makes this pooch a great pick for families with kids and other pets. He can weigh up to 150 pounds when fully grown and has been known to stand as tall as 39 inches. (Photo credit: fotografie4you/Bigstock)

Irish Wolfhound

Wrapping up our extra large dog breeds list is the Irish Wolfhound. This beautiful, graceful animal was originally bred to fight in battle and hunt wolves back in the 4th century. As his name implies, he comes from the Emerald Isle and these days is considered a loyal companion animal. This big boy will weigh up to 180 pounds when he reaches adulthood and stand up to 34 inches in height. (Photo credit: CaptureLight/Bigstock)

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