Top 10 Funniest Dog Breeds

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Stop us if you’ve heard this one before. Some dogs have a gift to make us laugh – here are our picks for the top 10 funniest dog breeds.

We all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but so is funny. Particularly when it comes to funny dog breeds because let’s face it, what makes one person chuckle out loud may not always tickle the funny bone of someone else. For instance, is it a highly animated face like that of a bug-eyed pug that just cracks you up? What about how some breeds confidently carry themselves… thinking the English Bulldog that still has me chanting “kibbles and bits” each time I see one. Perhaps it’s the dog’s silly antics, like the Japanese Chin that loves to jump and climb and perch atop furniture like a cat or the determination of some of the smaller breeds to live large like the adorably territorial Chihuahua. For me, I just love some of the Designer Dog breeds where you can actually see two distinctly different breeds presented in one pooch – typically the markings or physical traits of one breed paired with a cute and curly coat or super short legs of another.

Whatever it is that floats your boat, we’ve assembled a well-rounded list of what we consider the top 10 funniest dog breeds out there.

  1. Brussels Griffon

If the grinch were a dog… am I right? This little guy with the super serious face, perpetually disapproving frown and full-on beard just can’t help but look irked when he’s told to get off the sofa. Or when he’s given a favorite treat. Or even when he’s leashed up to go on a nice, long walk. He just automatically defaults to a hilariously animated scowl that shows total scorn for everyone and everything. And it’s not just his face that sends a humorous message; he also struts his stuff like he owns the world… which is what makes this pint-sized pooch so endearingly funny. Although he hales from Brussels, Belgian, you may think he looks a tad familiar and if you’re a fan of the old Mike and Molly sit-com, you’ll remember Peggy’s dour dog “Jim” who brought a little of that Brussels Griffon ‘tude to the show. (Photo credit: otsphoto/Shutterstock)

  1. Siberian Husky

Want to know why owners of this big boy never teach him to “speak” for a treat? Because they can never shut him up! Yes, this handsome native of Siberia with the ice blue eyes, plush winter coat and passion for pulling sleds just loves to vocalize his opinions whenever the opportunity presents… and getting him to quieten down just isn’t going to happen anytime soon. This wolf-like pooch is known for not only his strength, endurance and teamwork when it comes to moving people and supplies in harsh winter conditions but his hilariously stubborn nature. And while you may assume he’s quick to let out a howl when nature calls, he’s also big on barking, whining, singing, moaning, groaning and essentially sharing his thoughts as audibly as possible – particularly when in protest. Hard to believe you say? Check out some of the many YouTube videos of this melodious mutt. (Photo credit: Sbolotova/Shutterstock)

  1. Corgen

What can I say about this Golden Retriever / Pembroke Welsh Corgi designer dog cross that can’t be better expressed through a picture. This handsome boy with the gentle, sweet-natured personality of the Retriever is kicked up (or down) a notch when mixed with the feisty, strong-willed characteristics and shorter stature of everyone’s favorite vertically challenged pooch; the Corgi. Of course, the end result is a rather comical rendition of the noble Golden but make no mistake, this boy is still great at running, fetching and retrieving whatever you want to throw his way, it’s just that he’s also developed the Corgi’s hankering for persistently herding and nipping at the heels of everything that crosses his path – including the family cat, kids, other dogs at the leash-free park….

  1. Neapolitan Mastiff

Tell me I’m wrong, but if a Florida manatee had legs… you know I’m right! This gi-normous dog brings 150-ish pounds plus oodles of drool and seriously gassy tendencies to the laps of anyone who will have him (and who’s going to say no?). His trademark droopy face with the long, sagging jowls and passive, almost-blank expression belies the fact that this heavy-set native of Italy is actually a really intelligent pooch who in spite of his cumbersome size, is quick to spring into action when he feels his protective services are necessary. So why is this massive mastiff on our list of funny dog breeds? Because who can resist a chuckle when a dog that weighs as much as a human, wants to climb up on your lap and be cuddled like the puppy he thinks he still is? (Photo credit: Fomin Serhii/Shutterstock)

  1. Chinese Crested

I really do think these dogs get a bum wrap when every “Ugly Dog” contest around seems to include at least one of them on the roster of entries each year. The problem isn’t that they’re hairless because let’s face it, many dog breeds are hairless. It’s that they have sporadic tufts of hair that like a bad comb-over, causes one to wonder if it wouldn’t have been better for them to go full commando versus having puffs of fluff on their head and ankles that owners can clip, crimp and style to the nines. And this is where “funny” enters the picture. Because in spite of the bows affixed to random clumps of fur and in spite of the eye-popping dye-jobs and mohawk-themed haircuts that would instantly send most dogs running for cover, these obviously adored and indulged pups with the bashful, pained expressions actually seem to enjoy working it for the cameras. (Photo credit: Africa Studio/Shutterstock)

  1. English Bulldog

Don’t you just adore the full-on, larger than life personality that a Bullie brings to the mix. Although that gruff-looking exterior and furrowed brow seems like he’s constantly perturbed and scowling at something, this roly-poly pooch is one fun-loving dog whose favorite pastimes include snorting and farting around the house and oh yes, holding world skateboarding records. You see although this stocky boy with the shorter legs and jowly mug is not considered to be an overly active dog and to date hasn’t found a sofa that didn’t call his name, he has found his niche sport. I figure his wheely big success at skateboarding is down to the fact that once he kicks off and gains a little speed, he just doesn’t see the point in donning a leash, hitting the bricks and breaking a sweat with a ho-hum walk. Check out Guinness Book of Records for some of the worldwide skateboarding achievements of this solid canine sportster. (Photo credit: Ammit Jack/Shutterstock)

  1. Pug

This dog! How can you rhyme off the funniest dog breeds and not include this super confident and highly expressive little pooch? I mean for starters doesn’t his name just describe him to a tee? Short, punchy, impactful. Any Pug pet parent knows this little dog is totally full-on when it comes to having a comical personality and he’s even been described using the Latin term multum in parvo, which means “much in little”. Yep, that sounds about right. But obviously it’s not just his clown-like nature that lands him on our funny dog breed list… it’s that pug mug! Incredibly animated and with a look of continual alarm, this pooch’s deep-set wrinkled forehead, bulging eyes and perpetual frown make this surprisingly happy, easy-going little guy an absolute must-have on any funny dog list. (Photo credit: Ezzolo/Shutterstock)

  1. Affenpinscher

Yowza! So, if we do a literal translation of this interesting looking boy’s name it means ape or monkey (affen) and terrier (pinscher). Yes, this pooch is known as the Monkey Dog and when you’re born with a moniker like that and a face that fits, you just have to know he’s developed an entertaining personality to win over his pet parents. Like the Yorkie, this mini-mutt was originally bred to hunt rats and other vermin back in 18th century Europe and I guess because he was typically housed in stables, this wiry little guy learned to be both quick on his feet and quick thinking – a trait that has stayed with him to this day. A fast learner who is described as having a clown-like charm, he’s often used as a therapy dog for that very reason. And this ugly duckling certainly had his swan moment back in 2002 when an Affenpinscher named Super Nova won the Toy Group at the coveted Westminster Kennel Club Show. (Photo credit: CharlotteRaboff/Shutterstock)

  1. Yorkshire Terrier

How can you not be amused by 5-ish pounds of piss and vinegar wrapped in a cute little fur coat? Yes, it’s the feisty Yorkie and this mini-mutt was originally bred to be the world’s smallest exterminator, squeezing into ultra-tight spaces to hunt rats and other vermin in long ago working class Scotland. So right off the bat you just have to know this is one tenacious little terrier who, once he sets his sights on something, won’t back down or let up until he gets it. And although he’s awfully cute he’s also known for his big personality and for being quite bossy when it comes to getting his own way including securing a little extra playtime, more frequent treat-dispensing or just having fun messing with the cat. He can also be prone to a harmless condition known as reverse sneezing which produces a wholly undignified honking sound from this pint-sized pooch. Just don’t let him catch you laughing! (Photo credit: Zdenek Kubelka/Shutterstock)

  1. Bull Terrier

To be honest, every time I see a Bull Terrier, I think of actor Richard Gere! No? Well, this handsome boy with the large, egg-shaped noggin’, distinctive tiny eyes (the only breed recognized for having triangular eyes) and great big grin is probably one of the more easily distinguished amongst the long list of terrier breeds. While he’s known as the “Gladiator of the Canine Race” and rather resembles a stocky little toughie with a stance and strut akin to the Pit Bull (a family connection from long, long ago), this seriously animated breed’s more recent claim to fame includes making his mark in movies that range from Babe: Pig in the City to Oliver and more recently, A Dog’s Life. But never in Pretty Woman? And of course, for beer lovers across the country, he was the spokes-dog for Budweiser beer – Spuds Mackenzie – back in the 80s. For Canadian Hockey Fans, who can forget Don Cherry’s beloved “Blue” who was often seen sitting shotgun during Hockey Night in Canada commentaries. (Photo credit: Georgiy Myakishev/Shutterstock)

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