Top 10 Ginger Dog Breeds

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Gingers sometimes get the raw end of the deal. Why is that? Because we’re kinda keen on these orange-hued pooches – aren’t they handsome?!

The word “ginger” means something different to each of us. For the health-conscious, it’s likely fresh ginger root while for those who are fans of old movies it may be Ginger Rogers. If you love classic TV sit-coms you may be thinking of the aptly-named redhead from Gilligan’s Island, while for monarchists it is, of course, Prince Harry.

So, it should come as no surprise that with dog breeds, it’s no different. There is a wide range of opinions as to what this zesty color palette refers to. Is it a bright, peachy-orange coat, perhaps one with a warmer golden hue or maybe a deeper, rusty tone? At the end of the day, its all in the eye of the beholder and whatever you envision when you put the words “dog” and “ginger” together, you’re right.

While not all breeds have that full-flame ginger coat, you might be surprised at the number that have worked a snappy shot of it into their color mix. So, let’s check out the top 10 breeds that we think are, well, peachy keen:

  1. Pomeranian

When you think of a setting sunset, is this not the color you envision? This little dog has it all, including the feisty nature that has, over the years, become synonymous with smaller dog breeds. The determined little “Pom” weighs in at around the 7-pound mark, so when this mini-mite with the profuse double-coat throws his weight around, the only one intimidated is the cat (and even that’s a maybe). But he’s seriously loyal to his human pack and while he’ll never make it as a guard dog, he’s a great little watchdog that is happy to bark when he senses peril is near. While this breed does come in a variety of colors, you’re most likely to find this pint-sized pooch with the foxy face and high-maintenance coat in shades of orange or ombre. (photo credit: barinovalena/

  1. Chow Chow

If the iconic Fuzzy Peach cocktail were a dog… right? Although his personality leans towards being aloof and dignified, it’s hard to maintain a tough persona when you’re the color of a big, ripe peach and have a purple tongue. This stocky pooch with the dark, deep-set eyes and profuse double-coat is actually a great family dog who is extremely loyal to his peeps – although he’s more the strong, silent type than the mushy, cuddly sort. His strength isn’t speed, it’s endurance so he’s ideal for those who love to take nice long walks and want a quiet companion. In spite of his ultra-heavy, high-maintenance coat (which can be smooth or rough), he’s considered to be almost as fastidious as a cat when it comes to keeping himself clean. (photo credit: dezy/

  1. Cocker Spaniel

Flowing locks, drooping ears… this dog could be a melting Creamsicle. With those great big eyes peeking out from that winsome face it’s no wonder this ginger is one of the best-loved breeds in the world. And while he’s actually a hunting dog, he’s also a loving and loyal addition to any family with kids or other pets. No surprise, that beautiful coat (that also come in black and light cream), requires daily grooming to make sure knots, mattes and tangles are removed. In spite of his prim, proper appearance, this ginger is high-energy and loves nothing better than interactive play with his people and running around in the great outdoors. Think “catch me if you can”. As a result, plan to have a good groomer on speed dial. (photo credit: rebeccaashworth/

  1. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

While he isn’t solid ginger, the brilliant orange patches on this sporting dog’s coat have secured him a top spot on our list. As his name implies, he’s a retriever, but smaller than the Lab or Golden and infinitely more willful than either. No surprise, this is a highly active dog and because he has a mind of his own, he needs to be part of a family that can both wear him out and keep his stubborn nature in check. That said, unlike our previous fluffy-coated pooches, the Toller is a snap to clean up. Brush him out once a week (daily during shedding season) and unless he’s rolled in something ick or has been swimming and needs to be fully dried, this ginger is good to go. (photo credit: Steve Mann/

  1. Vizsla

I think any dog this affectionate and eager-to-please should automatically come with a coat that looks warm and cozy; hence his toasty “ginger” color. Yes, also dubbed the “Velcro dog” because of his need to always be close to his pet parent, this rusty-toned pooch is a known talker who loves to moan, whine and fuss to get his message across. Of course, his need for praise and physical interaction means he’s ideally suited for a home with an always present family because otherwise, who would he talk to? In spite of his large size, he’s actually quite a gentle dog who gets along with everyone including other family pets. He’s also super easy maintenance because weekly brushings are all that’s needed to keep that beautiful orange coat in check. (photo credit: Ivanova N/

  1. Irish Setter

Brilliant, deep-toned tresses make this dog one of the most striking of the gingers. But in addition to making a bold visual statement every time he arrives at the dog park, this fun-loving pooch with the eager-to-please personality is also a prolific gundog used by hunters for centuries. In spite of this background, he’s renowned for being sweet-tempered and getting along with kids and other animals alike – though socialization will be required. But let’s get to that gorgeous chestnut-colored coat… it’s long, it’s silky and it’s going to require you to invest in a good vacuum. Yes, he’s a heavy shedder and though regular biweekly brushing will help keep the fine outercoat looking clean and lush, his thick undercoat will keep you busy during regular shedding season. (photo credit: Rebius/

  1. Australian Terrier

Bold and brassy, this self-assured little Aussie possesses the fiery spirit one associates with ginger. Yes, this scruffy looking mini-mutt is lively, fun-loving and enjoys being the apple of your eye – meaning he prefers to be the only pet in the household. While his working dog status means his body is covered with the coarse hard-wearing and weatherproof double-coat you would expect from an outdoor pooch, the fur around his head is unusually soft and silky. Hmm… almost like he was designed for maximum pats and head-stroking. Better still, for a breed that loves nothing better than to be continually running, chasing or digging up your back yard, his ultra-shaggy yet brush-and-go type of coat is easy to maintain and requires only a weekly clean up. (photo credit: BIGANDT.COM/

  1. Golden Retriever

All dressed up in lustrous, gingery-gold tones, he possesses a gentle, fun-loving personality and is up for any outdoor activity you throw his way. Of course, we’re talking about the inimitable Golden who deftly melds flare with function as he struts his showy stuff around the dog park. But that iconic ultra-dense double-coat not only looks great but offers water-resistant warmth when retrieving skills are called upon – whether retrieving waterfowl, a ball, or catching a frisbee. Yes, he’s a loyal and loving family dog who loves play and just hanging with his people. Naturally, there is a bit of a down-side to this beauty: he sheds his golden tresses – heavily – once or twice a year so be ready to hoover the house. (photo credit: Olena Brodetska/

  1. Basset Fauve de Bretagne

Such an impressive name for this scruffy, hard-working petit ginger! But he’s earned it because this sturdy little pooch is actually a super quick scent hound who is often the dog of choice for those on the hunt. And in spite of his innate need to track a scent and flush out prey, he’s remarkably great with kids and other family pets. But he’s not your typical dog: he’s not into crating because of his high-energy nature. He’s also a bit of a free spirit, which translated means he’s not keen on listening to a word you say. So, training will take time and patience. But the upside is that his thick, wiry ginger coat is low-maintenance and if you can slow him down long enough, it requires just a weekly brush. (photo credit: Bokehboo Studios/

  1. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Forget that this ginger is vertically challenged, he’s described as powerful, fearless and athletic. Of course, he is; he was bred to herd cattle and when you’re a 30-pound pooch staring down a one-tonne cow and trying to make it do what you want, you gotta be tough. Did I also mention he is surprisingly quick? No kidding! But this clever little fireball is in fact a loving, sensitive family pooch who is always on duty, ready to step in as a deep-barking watchdog when the need arises. As with any working dog, his coat is waterproof and includes a coarse outer layer and soft, downy undercoat to keep him warm. And with all double-coated pooches, shed happens and for this one, it tends to be a daily event. (photo credit: Romashin Ivrii/

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