Top 20 Gifts For Chihuahua Appreciation Day

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis

These adorable little spunkmeisters yapped their way into their own appreciation day. We’ve got the top 20 gifts for Chihuahua Appreciation Day so you can honor them with all the gifts and adoration they demand deserve.

It all started on May 14, 2010. That’s when Nadia Alterio declared on her website, Famous Chihuahua, to be the International Chihuahua Appreciation Day as a way of honoring her sweet little Chi Chi, Teaka.

Teaka was the inspiration behind her website, and as things often do in the world of the Interwebs, Chi-lovers took the declaration (and website) viral. Now, even though sweet Teaka died on October 30, 2017, at 16-years-old, her legacy lives on every May 14th. It’s a day to celebrate Chihuahuas and appreciate all that the pups bring to our lives.

So here are the top 20 gifts for Chihuahua Appreciation Day we’ve found. Some you’ll want for yourself, some for your favorite Chihuahua and some for gifts. No worries, you can have them all!

1. Don’t Judge My Chihuahua Bag

We die. How many times do you want to tell someone that your dog is so much better behaved than their human child? Well, with this bag (perfect for your little Chihuahua to poke her head out of whenever she damned well pleases) you won’t have to say a word; it’ll be obvious. It’s 100% cotton for comfort and eco-friendliness and gets the message across loud and clear.

2. Kissing Chihuahua Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Ebony and Ivory go together perfectly in this precious salt and pepper shaker featuring two Chi friends smooching. It’s the perfect table accessory to have for when your own Chihuahua wants to jump on the dinner table and hang out. It’s food-grade ceramic, and sure to be a dinner-conversation piece.

3. Chi Zip Around Wristlet

You know how sometimes you just want to have your Chihuahua in one arm and heck, a Chihuahua in the other? Well, now you can. Especially if you’re out and about and you don’t want to be bothered with a huge purse full of junk. This wristlet is perfect for having the necessaries with you but around your wrist for convenience and with an adorable Chi-Chi looking at everyone with those big, soulful eyes.

4. Chi Crossbody Messenger Bag

But, there are times where you do need to have space to carry stuff around and you want to look just as fabulous then too, right? The answer is this Chi Crossbody Messenger by Chala. Not only is it adorable, it’s super functional too and perfect for day-to-day with room for an iPad, phone and of course, portable water bowl for your diva. There’s extra padding in the washed canvas and the straps are adjustable for the perfect, fashionable fit.

5. All-You-Need Travel Bag

And while we’re on the subject of bags, this five-piece travel bag will make taking your dog everywhere even easier. Because we know you take your Chihuahua everywhere! The bag has a large divided compartment to bring food, treats, her eye-pad and pillow and it also has collapsible food and water dishes, and a nice layout for placement. We *guess* you could even put some of your own stuff in it too. Doesn’t your diva doggy deserve his own dog case too?

6. 101 Uses For Chihuahuas Calendar

As if you needed any…but holy gorgeous are the pooches in this pinup! And, they prove what masterful big helpers in little bodies they are! Monthly photographic eye candy of the sweetest dogs acting like security alarms, garbage disposals and of course, backseat drivers. Perfect for every Chihuahua loving home or office.

7. ChihuahuAvengers Shirt

So you may think it’s all about The EndGame and you’d be right. But only because The ChihuahuAvengers are on the job. Show your love for your Marvel heroes and your favorite furry fighter with this hilarious shirt. It’s 100% cotton in certain colors, with a cotton polyester blend in other colors so it’s lightweight and comfortable. It is also machine washable so you can wear it over and over without losing its brightness- it’ll scare all the bad guys away, guaranteed.

The best part about this shirt? It comes in a variety of colors and styles so the whole family can join the ChihuahuAvengers team. They have styles for men, women, and youth so dad, mom, and the kids can all show their love for Marvel and their best pup. They come in black, navy, asphalt, slate, cranberry, kelly green, brown, dark heather, and purple so everyone in the family can pick one that best fits their personal style.

8. Lina & Lily Infinity Scarf

A must-have for every Chi-Chi fan–it’s soft and cozy and keeps your sweetest near and dear to you all day long. It’s 70″ total and can easily loop twice, and it even comes in a matching children’s size so you and your favorite little humans can show your love for your furriest family members.

9. Best Chihuahua Mom Mug

Who’s the best Chihuahua Mom ever? Who? Is it you? Is it? Of COURSE it is, and that’s why you need this mug. It’s dishwasher and microwave-safe, and the heart-shaped handle on the large 11-oz cup just adds to the feelings you have for your pup. Just be sure she’s careful when you’re drinking from it and she’s in your lap (because you know that’s how she rolls)–don’t want to burn our babies!

10. Chihuahua Dad Mug

And we can’t leave out Chi-Chi Daddies when it comes to mug love, so be sure to scoop this one up for the Chi-Dad you know and love. It lets every Chihuahua dad know that they’re loved, and if ever separated, their Chihuahuas would go ‘nuts’ without them! Dishwasher and microwave safe, and it’s guaranteed to never fade.

11. Chihuahua License Plate Frame

This is the perfect way to show everyone out and about your love for your Chi-Chi. The design is a print with UV resistant ink and not embossed, so your love will last longer. It’s already set with four holes to be mounted on the front of your car, and also makes a great piece of art in a rec room or garage.

12. Sorry I Can’t, I Have Plans Shirt

We’ve all wanted to say it at one time or another, haven’t we? “Sorry, I Can’t! I Have Plans with My Chihuahua”. What better way to get your point across than to wear a shirt that makes your answer known before the question is even asked?

This hilarious and adorable t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and available in sizes ranging from small to 4X-Large. It is a unisex style shirt and, according to the company, will fit true to size.

Show off your love for chihuahuas this Chihuahua Appreciation Day (or any day, really) by wearing a shirt that announces exactly who is the top priority in your life!

13. Sip Coffee And Pet My Chihuahua Shirt

If a hoodie is not your jam, no worries. You can also feed shelter dogs with every purchase of this awesome tee that tells the world what your plans actually are–to sip coffee and pet your Chihuahua. As if there is anything else in life worth doing. It’s 100% combed pre-shrunk cotton and it also comes in several colors you can rotate and sport regularly.

14. ChihuahuaOpoly Game

Every Chihuahua lover has to have this classic ‘Opoly-style game with a Chi-twist! It’s for two-six players and you can play an hour-version or the one that takes days and days (that’s the fun one!) as you wander to and fro from the Kennel to the Dog Park. Watch out for fleas and be sure to stop at fire hydrants for every pee break you can in this fun, family-friendly game.

15. Chihuahua Stemless Wine Glasses

Do you even love your dog if you don’t drink wine from stemless glasses that have his breed’s etching on them? We say, “No. You don’t.” So you’re in luck that we’ve found these dishwasher-safe sets of high-quality crystal glasses etched with our favorite silhouette ever. They make great morning juice glasses as well, so grab yourself a few pair to have for day and night use.

16. Chihuahua Popsocket

This gorgeous water-color popsocket encircles the Chihuahua in a beautiful ring of flowers. With its collapsible grip, you’ll be able to hold your phone more securely, as well as make texting, calling and taking selfies with your pup a ton easier. It has super adhesive that will let you move and reposition it on your device and case if you need to, and it’s the perfect and fun gift for every Chi-Chi fan.

17. Chi-Chi Chihuahua

This little pup is the cutest thing you’ll see, and you don’t even have to love Chihuahuas to think so! It playfully barks and yaps and you can’t help but giggle at how adorably feisty it looks when it does so. I put this in front of my Labs and in true little-dog style, they back away because they’re not gonna mess with a Chihuahua, even a fun robotic one. Just try not to smile as it wags its head, wags its tail and pounces in fun at you.

18. Chihuahua Charm Bracelet

These gorgeous bangle charm bracelets are handmade and have a Chihuahua, a paw print and a dog bone charm to adorn your wrist. The bracelet is adjustable and silver-plated and the charms are made from a zinc alloy metal that is lead and nickel-free for sensitive skin. It already comes in a cute little gift box ready to present. Buy one for yourself and one for your favorite Chihuahua fan.

19. Chihuahua Linen Throw Pillowcase

Decorate your home with this delightful linen throw pillowcase showcasing your Chi-Chi love. It fits an 18″ x 18″ pillow and is made with environmentally friendly cotton and linen materials. Perfect for your little Prince or Princess to rest their diva heads.

20. Chihuahua Pawprints On Our Hearts Figurine

The only issue we ever have with our Chihuahuas is that they don’t live long enough. That’s why this beautiful figurine by famous artist Blake Jensen will help keep our Chis with us forever. It’s part of the Hamilton Collection, which supports the ASPCA’s mission to save the lives of animals, and the precious dog is cradled in peace, as we always remember our babies when they’ve crossed the Rainbow Bridge. The perfect thing to share with anyone who has loved and lost a Chihuahua.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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