Large Cats


The Savannah cat makes excellent companions and are surprisingly receptive and convivial with other pets in the house.


The Ragdoll is of the most relaxed of all cat breeds and are extremely trusting.


The Ragamuffin is an extremely docile cat.

Pixie Bob

The Pixie Bob is an active, social cat with a bold and playful spirit.


The Ocicat loves to be with his humans as much as possible and isn’t above nudging you for a bit of attention.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Although well adapted for life outside, the Norwegian Forest Cat would much rather spend his time indoors.

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is attentive enough to be almost intrusive at times.


Although playful and active, the Himalayan likes his lap time.


The Chartreux is known to follow its human from room to room chirping quietly.