African Tiger Fish

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About African Tiger Fish

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African Tiger Fish General description

African Tiger Fish are a large and predatory species of fish. Their bodies are long, powerful and streamlined, enabling them to move with extremely fast bursts of speed when hunting prey. Tiger fish are also characterized by their proportionately large teeth. These teeth are extremely sharp and interlock with each other, enabling the tiger fish to cut through almost any kind of prey. Due to their large size and extremely aggressive temperament, they shouldn’t be kept by anyone except the most experienced aquarists.

African Tiger Fish are a large and predatory species of fish.


The African Tiger Fish originates from the rivers of Africa.


Most species of African Tiger Fish are either silver or grey in color.

Maintenance and care

When given adequate food and care, tiger fish can often grow to a few feet in length. They are also extremely active swimmers and somewhat skittish. For this reason, they should only be kept in extremely large aquariums measuring 10 feet or more in length. Tiger fish also prefer densely planted aquariums with several hiding places to which they can retreat.

Tiger fish are highly predatory and will attack and kill any tank mate that it considers prey. They should only be kept with other extremely large species like perch and bichirs. Tiger fish also produce a large amount of waste and their aquariums should have very powerful filtration systems.


Tiger fish are fierce carnivores and thrive when fed on live foods like baitfish and shrimp. They can however be trained to accept most frozen foods and pellet based foods.

When given adequate food and care, tiger fish can often grow to a few feet in length


It is impossible to breed African tiger fish in an aquarium. Most specimens kept in aquariums are often captured from the wild.

Photo credit: Sablegsd/Wikimedia

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