Vocal Bird

German Roller Canary

The versatile, low-maintenance, and lovable German Roller Canary can be a perfect pet to any owner!

African Lovebird

The African Lovebird is cuddly, playful and silly in its own unique way, which makes them very popular.

Cherry Headed Conure

Cherry Headed conure are loved for their goofy behavior and sweet nature- they will charm you from the get go.

Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

Sulphur Crested Cockatoo is an energetic, smart parrot whose favorite thing is having a good time.

Red Masked Parakeet

The fun and smart Red Masked Parakeet might just have all of the traits that a pet owner can desire!

Large Indian Parakeet

A mix of great personality traits is what makes the Large Indian Parakeet so popular around the globe.

Rose Ringed Parakeet

Without a doubt, the Rose Ringed Parakeet is a parrot you’ll fall in love with- at first sight.

Cardinal Lory

With its unique, exotic and beautiful plumage, the Cardinal Lory is one of the prettiest pet parrots around.

Celestial Parrotlet

Celestial Parrotlet can be really mischievous and inquisitive, but it's all part of their charm.