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fast facts

About Gato

6-9 lb
Small, long body
15+ years
Best Suited For
First-time cat owners, homes with multiple pets, families with children, cat owners that are willing to regularly groom their pets
Affectionate, easygoing, playful, energetic
Comparable Breeds
Siamese, Himalayan
7-9 inches
Gato Breed History

The Gato is an exotic cat breed that has a combination of traits from a few different feline breeds, including the Siamese, the Himalayan, and the Egyptian Mau.

The Gato is an affectionate breed, but it is not considered overly affectionate, so it is great for families who want a loving cat that is not too needy.

Breed Traits

The Gato is an affectionate breed, but it is not considered overly affectionate, so it is great for families who want a loving cat that is not too needy. Nevertheless, be aware that these cats do require a good amount of attention. They really like to interact with their human families even though they can find things to do to amuse themselves if they are given things like windows to sit at, cat trees to climb, toys to play with, etc.

Another great personality trait of the Gato is its easygoing, relaxed, laidback temperament. These cats do not like confrontations and fights, making them great pets in homes that have other cats or pets of other species. They will actually take steps to avoid fights with others, often outright avoiding a fellow pet that is feeling grumpy or irritable.

Plus, Gatos are really energetic cats that love playtime, whether they can enjoy a fascinating toy that they can play with on their own, they are busy interacting with fellow pets, or they are able to play with their human family. So if you are planning on bringing a Gato into your home, be sure to give it plenty of things to do to keep its mind and body busy and active.

These cats are also quite vocal, making it a point to communicate with their owners. They even make sounds while they delightfully play with their favorite toys.

These adaptable felines will even adjust to your schedule, and they will take every chance they get to entertain you with their acrobatic and playful behavior.

Overall Description

Gatos tend to be quite small, and they typically only weigh between 6 and 9 pounds, making them more petite than many of the other cat breeds. They also have long bodies and legs.

The Gato breed typically features velvety fur that is short in length; however, there are some Gatos that sport medium length coats, though these are more rare than the breed’s shorthaired cats.


Gatos come in a wide range of colors and patterns, including white and black, brown and black, orange, and tortie. Those that are Siamese mixes will have lilac markings, unusual stripes or patches, and beautiful blue eyes.

Grooming Requirements

Yet another great feature of the Gato breed is the fact that it is really easy to groom. All you have to do is give your cat a basic weekly brushing in order to remove loose fur. Doing so can help reduce shedding and prevent the occurrence of hairballs, while also working to keep the skin and coat healthy and lustrous.

Generally, these cats shed less than other feline breeds, but take note that medium haired Gatos may shed more, and they will also require a brushing more often than their shorthaired counterparts in order to prevent matting and hairballs.

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Lisa Selvaggio
Lisa Selvaggio

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