Aegean Cat

Lisa Selvaggio
by Lisa Selvaggio
fast facts

About Aegean Cat

8-10 inches
9-10 lb
Muscular, lean
9-10 years
Best Suited For
Any cat loving household, including those with children, other cats, and other pets
Intelligent, social, affectionate, friendly, playful, energetic, talkative
Comparable Breeds
Turkish Angora, Turkish Van
Aegean Cat Basics

The Aegean cat is a natural feline breed that developed without human intervention, making it a healthy and hardy breed. It hails from the Greek Cyclades Islands, which are found in the Aegean Sea. Because these cats learned to thrive on those islands, they are not afraid of water, and they are also known for being comfortable around the various people, including fishermen, that they encounter in their daily life.

Despite being one of the oldest breeds of domesticated cats on the planet, it was not until the last couple decades, in the early 1990s, that the Aegean was named an official feline breed. Today, this breed is considered a national treasure throughout the country of Greece, where it is popular as a family pet. So while you might have difficulty finding the Aegean in other parts of the world, where it is quite rare, you will easily come across one of these kitties in Greece.

The Aegean cat is a natural feline breed that developed without human intervention, making it a healthy and hardy breed.

Breed Traits

Aegean cats are known for being wonderful family pets because they have been domesticated for centuries. You can expect your Aegean to be a talkative and energetic kitty, as well as a social, lively, and loving companion. Plus, these felines will even get along well with children and other pets. Providing your cat with loads of attention and affection, while also ensuring that he has plenty of toys and playtime, will keep him happy.

Being that these kitties are not afraid of water and are always on the lookout for a fishy treat, if you have a pond or fish tank at home, it is best to secure it so that your cat won’t be able to cause any mischief around your water-dwelling pets.

Because these cats enjoy interacting with their human family and are so intelligent, you might even be able to teach your feline friend some tricks. These obedient and adaptable kitties can also be trained to follow your rules. The earlier you start the training, the better.

Overall Description

When looking at an Aegean Cat, you will notice that these cats are medium in size, but their body is muscular. You will even note that the body is strong but lean overall, and the feet are also medium in size and round, helping these animals hunt efficiently.

The eyes of an Aegean will also stand out, as they are a lovely almond shape, while the ears will feature rounded tips.


This breed’s eyes can feature various shades of a striking green color, while the coat will feature a bicolor or tricolor pattern with white as a part of the pattern. There could also be tabby striping as well. Fur colors can include red, cream, blue, and black.

Grooming Requirements

You should expect that your Aegean’s luxurious coat will adapt to the changing seasons of the year. The coat, which can be described as plush, will be short in the summer after this kitty sheds his semi-long winter coat. Therefore, shedding occurs more heavily once a year in the summer, and the coat will shed a moderate amount throughout the rest of the year. When it comes to grooming, simply brushing your pet several times a week will help remove loose fur, keeping it off of your clothes and furniture, no matter what the season. However, you will probably have to brush your cat daily when heavy shedding occurs.

As with other feline breeds, it is also highly recommended that you keep the claws on your Aegean trimmed and that you brush his teeth as well in an effort to prevent dental problems.

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