Dusky Headed Conure

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About Dusky Headed Conure

11 inches
up to 40 years
Bird Species
Quiet, Mimics
Social, Calm, Fun, Affectionate, Cuddly
Comparable Breeds
Sun Conure, Jenday Conure
Dusky Headed Conure General Info

We all know that conures are small birds but big clowns. They are cuddly, cute, and full of goofy tricks. The Dusky conure is not far behind. This popular pet parrot is a perfect companion and is loved for its calm, peaceful temperament and entertaining behavior. Healthy and hardy like most conures, they require moderate care and in return provide treasured company, never failing to put a smile on your face. Due to being relatively quiet, Dusky Headed conure is an excellent choice for apartment dwellers.

Dusky Headed conures are calm, affectionate and endlessly funny- this makes them a very popular pet parrot.

Native Region/Natural Habitat

The native habitat of these conures is centered around the sparsely wooded regions in the Amazon basin in South America. It prefers living in a sparse forest, coffee plantations, shrubland and woodland edges. They can often be spotted in small flocks at clay licks and fresh water sources, which they share together with macaws, other conures, and Amazon parrots. Unlike some Amazon parrots that live in deeper forests, the habitat of Dusky Headed conure is not affected, and their numbers are high and stable.

Overall Description

A bit smaller than some similar conure breeds, this bird reaches an average length of 11 inches (28 centimeters). A good portion of the size is reserved for the tail. They have the distinct stocky build of other conures, which sometimes gives off a chubby look. As can be gathered from their small size, these parrots have a high level of energy. This means they will need plenty of space to roam free. Help them maintain good health by letting them fly around your house. Once both of you are used to it, free flight will become a usual occurence.

Speech and Sounds

Most conures tend to be vocal and noisy. Luckily, the Dusky Headed conure steps out from this pattern. They are known to be much quieter than their close cousins, and this is one of the reasons which makes them popular. It also makes them a suitable apartment pet. These conures can also learn a few basic and often poorly imitated words or familiar sounds. Don’t be surprised when they chirp and dance along to a song you’re listening to.


Their calm and peaceful personality is reflected in their looks. The body is almost entirely green, with a gray head and black bill. This, of course, gives them their common name. The tips of the tail feathers are bluish. With these simple colors and subtle combinations, the Dusky Headed conure is a toned down, simple looking bird, but even so – very pretty. If the look you admire in a parrot is a non-exotic, subtle and graceful– then look no further.

Dusky Headed conure might not be flashy as some of its relatives, but its toned down appearance is quite stunning.

Care and Feeding

Their mixed diet in the wild consists of various nuts, seeds, tropical fruits, and flower buds. The closest equivalent to this in captivity would be a commercial seed mix made especially for conures. You can balance it out with regular addition of fresh fruits, green vegetables, and similar goodies. Another part of good care revolves around exercise and social interaction. Provide generous amounts of both, and your little conure will be happy. And a happy parrot is a healthy parrot as well.

Health and Common Conditions

Despite their small size, Dusky conures are surprisingly robust. They adapt well to most common conditions, and with a little looking after they will reach their lifespan of 40 years without many troubles along the way. Make sure you eliminate draft and dampness, and to provide a lot of sunlight and free space. Your little pet needs your help to become the best he can be.

With just the basic care and regular attention, your little conure will be a happy and healthy pet.

Personality & Behavior

All conures are famous for being little clowns and making their hilarious tricks and silly walks. Dusky Headed conure is no different. They can be goofy all the time, having fun by themselves or together with their owner. But often they will show their cuddly and affectionate side, so don’t deprive them of the much-needed scratches and petting. Without a doubt, this petite parrot is an excellent pet for anyone who wants a fun, loving , and long-lived companion bird.

Photo credit: Steve Beger/Wikimedia Commons; Sham Edmonds/Wikimedia Commons; David Long/Wikimedia Commons

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